WIN $50 000 in IOI Tokens with IOI x KuCoin Competition

Exclusive chance to win $50 000!

Everyone likes to win. Seriously, who wouldn’t want to win 50,000?

No, this is not a TV quiz question! Instead, we have a real contest where you can win 50,000 in $IOI tokens. Yes, you heard that right!

In cooperation with one of the world’s largest and most famous crypto exchanges, KuCoin, we have prepared for you a unique chance to win, thanks to this competition.

Let’s see what the $IOI x KUCOIN competition has to offer!

This marketing campaign consists of three main parts of the competition, in which you have the opportunity to win a specific amount based on the tasks you have to complete.

Activity 1 — Learn & Earn
■ prize pool : $10,000 in IOI

Activity 2 — Trading Competition (Live Trading Ranking Update, Exclusive Activity Page)
■ prize pool : $30,000 in IOI

Activity 3 — Participation Activity
■ prize pool : $10,000 in IOI

Activity 1 — Learn & Earn

The total prize pool is $10 000


1) Find the answers in QORPO official websites or social media
2) Complete the quiz and answer all the questions correctly;
3) Add IOI/USDT to the favorite list


1) First 500 participants will be able to evenly split a $5,000 in IOI prize pool ($10 in IOI each);
2) KuCoin randomly choose 1,000 participants (except the first 500 winners) to evenly split a $5,000 in IOI prize pool ($5 in IOI each)

Note: Require 5~7 questions about IOI product and answers (easy)

Activity 2 — Trading Competition

The total prize pool is $30 000


Top 30 users will share a prize pool of $30,000 in IOI based on the total IOI trading amount on KuCoin during the competition period.

1st place: $4,300 in IOI
2nd place: $3,300 in IOI
3rd place: $2,500 in IOI
4th-10th place: split $7,850 in IOI
11th-20th place: split $7,250 in IOI
21th-30th place: split $4,800 in IOI

$IOI winner Breakdown:

Activity 3 — Participation Activity

The total prize pool is $10 000


1) Have a Trading amount of 100 IOI
2) Register on
3) Pass KYC 1

Note: All qualified users will evenly split $10,000 in IOI prize pool.

Important info

Reward Distribution:

Rewards will be distributed within 7 working days after the competition ends:
all prizes will be distributed all at once. The prize will be distributed automatically to users’ KuCoin main account.


1) All the numbers described above are not finalized, all of them could be adjusted after further discussion;
2) We are open for any brilliant and creative ideas or innovative thoughts, please feel free to ask any questions about the activity rules above;
3) The quantity of rewards will be calculated based on the average closing price of IOI/USDT during the campaign period

Find more info in the link below:

Don’t miss your chance to win money and join the competition!



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