Why you should become an IOI token holder and join the VIP Club 💸

Dear players,

Today we will dive deep into another great IOI Token benefit bringing you unlimited rewards. We are very close to the token listing. That’s why you need to know all the token utilities, which is the backbone of the whole IOI Ecosystem.

If you do not have an idea about how to use the IOI token and what can the holding of the token bring you please read our latest article about six utilities or more about the specific topic on our blog website.

The last utility we have not touched yet is the benefit you get if you hold any amount of Besides the team owner or team manager advantagesyou can enjoy for example the reward pool and farming pool gains. Let us have a look what benefits bring you holding any amount of IOI tokens starting at 50 IOI.

The minimum amount of IOI tokens that you can leverage the Trade Race Manager NFT Game is 50 IOI. This amount gives you an access to the premium membership with special game features. To find out more please read our recent blog about this topic.

How to get 50 IOI tokens? Either you can buy them on the exchange or trade them in the game by performing daily tasks and winning the races.

Furthermore if you buy yearly premium membership you get 30 % off and quarterly 10 % off.

You are getting close to the next level with 100 IOI Tokens. The team behind the Trade Race Manager developed unique affiliate system for those who are eager to build an community with us .

You can purchase the second affiliate level called Racer for 100 IOI and enjoy the benefits of inviting more friends. Please do not hesitate to read about the complete affiliate system.

Furthermore you also have the opportunity to join the every week IOI wednesday tournament to win the prize of 500 IOI tokens.

As third utility you get the the special acces to our trading/farming pool starting very soon. Once you hold 100 IOI you can use the pool and enjoy the 12 % APY rewards.

You get the the greatest value from Trade Race Manager once you hold minimum 1000 IOI tokens. We skip on purpose the ability to buy the NFT car for 600 IOI since this will be the topic for different article.

Besides the fact you can become team owner or manager once holding 1000 IOI, you also get two other major benefits. The first one is the reward pool and the second one you can get access to the special trading/farming pool with 1000 IOI tokens and you can start collecting rewards of 18 % APY once you deposit any funds.

See below the table summarizing everything you need to know about the IOI holding levels:

The reward pool is assigned for those who are the long term supporter. The rewards are paid out once per month and you need to be an minimum 1000 IOI Token holder to receive them.

Rewards are a public platform’s net profit pool paid in the IOI token crypto currency. Watch the reward pool getting filled in real time and see the history of the distribution.

If you are an serious long term supporter and you hold 5000 or especially tokens you can enjoy the highest rewards as shown in the table above like and moreover you have .

For those who would like to build a community with us, feel free to let us know your opinion about the IOI token VIP Club utilities.

Do not hesitate to contact us on the links mentioned below if you have any questions. ​official whitepaper.

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