Welcome to the underground of Ether Island — South Moon

You should always double-check if you have an air filtration implant before entering this district 😏

It’s not the deepest bottom of Ether Island, but believe it or not, District 8 doesn’t have to be easy to survive either, especially if you are unprepared for the toxicity lurking on you from all sides.

Welcome to the South Moon 💀

In the beginning, when Ether Island was still a different place, people from the city would come to South Moon to chill and hang out. There was a theme park and a water park. People would go and swim in a single sweetwater reservoir that was created thanks to a dam supplying clean energy to the whole island. Unfortunately, it didn’t last too long, as it was pretty dull for the people in charge, plus there’s only so much profit you can make from ice cream. So the slides and carousel wheels soon went down the drain.

Gear up for the toxicity 🤢

The primary and sole aim of Korpo syndicate is profit, so they built factories and production plants above the dam, taking up the majority of energy and water, and started releasing all the toxins into the river. The farm dried out, and the reservoir had turned into a deadly smoking pit that no one in their right mind would ever put their finger into. So the little fresh water and energy left were redirected into a town sitting on the dam’s edge. But you can’t escape the toxicity of the lake down the hill. The city is always covered in weird vapors, and the air possesses an eerie greenish hue, and though some days are better than others, you need an air filtration system to survive here. Even plants have turned toxic, and there’s a variety of radioactive glowing plants growing in the dark sewers, plenty of mutated animals and thousands of rats crawling around.

Your worst nightmares may become reality😈

Aside from Korpo making money of the factories, the original economy had virtually gone to zero. South Moon had to find a new way. And it did. People from the Hackhunters syndicate saw an opportunity here. They soon found out that the toxic water possessed some exciting qualities. When processed accordingly and combined with humans, it brought excellent results.

Of course, many “mistakes” happened along the way. But most of the people who submitted themselves to Hackhunters body modification experiments had nothing to lose anyway. Different types of mutants were created. Some of them were sold to the rich in D1, and some were used for the syndicate’s own purposes. Either way, you wouldn’t want to meet them in a dark alley.

Nobody gives a damn about South Moon 🦠

Rich people of Ether Island don’t give a damn about South Moon and its people, nor about the pollution the factories are causing. The only reason they haven’t abandoned this place till now is the mutations done by the HH syndicate, and sometimes, they also seek out The Doctor. He has magic hands they say, and many people here would die if there wasn’t for him. When he appeared, he started healing people and helping them. He became the most loved person in District 8. But there’s also a different side to this story, and for each person who returned from under his knife, they say there are two who never did, or were never the same.

So South Moon is no theme park no more. Or it still is, but the horror kind that would make you cringe and want to get away. It’s not easy to live here, and no one stays here by choice. Due to pollution, many people were forced to modify their bodies to survive, and the exposure to toxins mutated others. As a result, many diseases and people are dying due to unprofessional body modifications and infections.


You should take a deep breath before entering South Moon; it might be the last time you breathe fresh air! Don’t forget your mission and the fact that you are still only in District 8, and many districts are ahead of you.

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