Welcome to the time-stuck Whaleland

Factories, streets full of junk, metal sheets, and rusted iron — that's District 7

If you’ve made it this far, it’s finally starting to look a little better. But don’t be fooled! Whaleland can also be very treacherous!

The beginnings of Whaleland 🛠

The first district was built after the Settlement and is the only one that survived in its original form, at least in some way. It is a city above a city, a multi-layer world where the poorest ones have to endure life at the lowest levels of this town, with trash falling from higher levels. The ones who have made some money moved to the upper levels of this crazy town. There are a lot of workers here, and almost everyone works in the factories.

It used to be an ordinary town, but then more and more people were lured by the promise of Ether Island, and everyone who came was greedier and lustier than the ones before them. And there wasn’t enough space, and so many people who came got stuck in Whaleland for far too long. Some because they realized they might have made a mistake leaving Terra. It wasn’t easy to get further, to get richer.
The people who owned factories and plants were not interested in making their workers rich. But many who came to Ether Island were inherently able and cunny.
If you made it to Whaleland, you probably weren’t a complete moron, and you already understood that if you play by the rules, you won’t make it anywhere. And the streets of Whaleland are so full of possibilities if you were a sociopath. The whole island, for that matter.

Whaleland now 🤓

Whaleland is very distinct from other districts mainly because of its outdated, almost soviet architecture. Since there is not enough land to build on, people tend to build extensions on top of the actual panel houses, and those structures can reach insane heights or crazy shapes. The weather here is stormy. Because of that, almost all the metals here are rusty. You can see people smoking on balconies and kids playing in the rain. In the shabby parts of the district, you can see some moss growing, maybe some grass, or even a few flowers during the summer. Many families here own cats or dogs, so you can sometimes see them walking them on the sidewalks.

How the life goes in District 7 😺

Whaleland is home to the ordinary people of Metropolit. This place is a little safer than the three lower districts, and people here live simple lives, working in factories with no big life goals. But, of course, they don’t have a choice anyway. Real fun often happens on rooftops. Whaleland is also the first district where the police are doing their job.
Whaleland is a heavy industry zone of Ether Island. The factories here are all owned by the Korpo syndicate, and they mainly process metals from mines but also manufacture goods for this world and produce synthetic food. There is also a recycling plant, where poor people bring materials they collect on the streets.
There is a unique and fun way of moving between buildings — zip lines, which makes traveling through the district way more fun. As usual, this district also has Metro stations to other districts, and some families here can afford older cars to move around.

Conclusion 👀

District 7 is very important to all the higher-ranked citizens of Metropolit. Mainly because of all the factories that this district has and also because of the manpower. The only reason police here are actually doing their job is because factory owners need their “assets” to perform their duties in the factories.

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