Welcome to the New Pressburg!

Explore the concept of the new Citizen Conflict Game Map

Welcome to the New Pressburg!

As you probably already know, Citizen Conflict will consist of 10 unique game districts, each of which will be completely different. It’s full of interesting storylines, typical characters, and so much more! But that’s far from all.

We have already informed you that in the future, we will not only do special events but also develop game maps that will be extraordinary!

Let us introduce you to the concept of our upcoming game map, New Pressburg.

Why New Pressburg?

QORPO Game Studio is a leading game studio in Central Europe with its headquarters in Bratislava, Slovakia. As a tribute to our capital, we have designed this unique game map.

All Bratislava fans will enjoy this, not just battle royale game enthusiasts. The name of this game map is, without a doubt, New Pressburg, which is certainly not surprising to those familiar with the history of Slovakia’s capital.

Original Idea

Along with the 10 Districts, we played with the idea — what would Bratislava look like in a cyberpunk style? This is exactly why we decided to try it. So our concept artists and designers got to work and created visuals of cyberpunk Bratislava, which looks beautiful!

It will be a reasonably large map that we plan to use for our game mode, Rush. This game mode is based around two teams (Citizens/Megacorps) where one is defending multiple objectives, and the other is trying to take them down. There are two types of teams: attackers and defenders. Attackers have a limited number of respawn tickets available for the whole team, whereas Defenders have an unlimited supply. The objective of this game mode is to arm and destroy points with an explosive charge. In this way, attackers progress from UFO bridge to the New Pressburg castle.


The main plot revolves around the war between civilians and mega corporations that are controlling the city side by side with the government. The attackers are civilians from New Pressburg, fighting for the rights of ordinary people who were oppressed by the government. They are led by former prime minister turned cyber army general Ygor “the Lawless”, whom the current prime minister took down because of his contradictory ideas to raise the quality of civilian life.



QORPO Game Studio is the Next-Gen game developer with end-to-end solutions for blockchain gaming industry.

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QORPO Game Studio

QORPO Game Studio is the Next-Gen game developer with end-to-end solutions for blockchain gaming industry.