Welcome to the ghetto of Ether Island — Vaporwaves

Did you really think things would get better in District 9? 😏

You are so glad you’ve made it out of the misery in District 10, we know. Surprise, surprise. District 9 ain’t no better! They call it Vaporwaves, maybe because of the lovely air rising from the hordes of junk and waste you can find all around. Or maybe it’s the corpses of people who never made it? Who knows… if you want to know how to make the best out of this District, keep on reading. Despite the first look, this place does offer very valuable treasures, if you know where to look.

What is Vaporwaves? 👀

Not a promised land, really… Much more inhabited and “developed” than Outerlands, it is still a shithole. All the trash from the island gets dumped here, so the place just SMELLS. And it’s not only trash; all the loser human scum that’s dumb enough to get caught by local police ends up in prison here. Prisoners then work in mines of District 10. They usually don’t last for too long. It’s an excellent strategy to keep the population growth in check, so to say.

Many cyborgs and wannabe mercenaries come to this place to hone their fighting skills in the training ground that Korpo built here for their police robots and cyborgs. There’s a gun shooting range for anyone who can afford it, where prisoners are used as living targets. Many come here to train their skill with a gun and so should you! It’s usually worth it.

Slums, dirt and poverty 💀

There is a slum on the northern side of the hills, and it is one of the island’s oldest settlements, made up of people who had listened to the sweet promises of Ether propaganda but never lived to see their naive dreams come true. So here are the people stuck in poverty, despair, and violence. Most people make a living as trash pickers, scavengers, and thieves. Sometimes, you can find some fascinating stuff in the trash hordes on the shore. The streets are swarmed with little gangs, causing a lot of violence, and murders are common. Midnight syndicate calls this place home. They come here to recruit young men for street combats in higher districts and girls to dance in the clubs and work in the brothels of New Vegas. So yes, some make it out.

Something really special…😵💫

But the primary source of income is indigo. This magical substance was discovered on the shore, and it’s a byproduct of a special kind of sea urchin — it is found in their discarded shells, but they have to be fresh. This substance has two forms.

A pure one, unchanged, has the power to alter time when consumed and gives special psychic abilities. It also improves the connection between the brain and the computer, which is used when transforming people into cyborgs.

The standard and much cheaper form is doge, and this is the stuff sold on the streets. It makes virtual reality feel more real than real, and many people on Ether island became addicted to it. It gives you a power boost and improves your senses. All three syndicates participate in the trade and production of doge, and there’s a never-ending war over domination. However, only the Arcadyans know the secrets of extracting the pure form, and only the highest-class citizens ever get the chance to use it.


We won’t lie to you. It’s going to be really hard. But if you learn to be punchy and tough, Vaporwaves doesn’t have to become your graveyard.

Good luck! 😈

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