Welcome to the end of the world — Outerlands

5 min readJul 19, 2022


Desperation, death, and poverty… You better gear up for the District 10😈

District 10 is on the outskirts, the biggest, most desolate of all places on Ether island. Don’t you like it? Okay, but you must fight out of this world’s end. And it won’t be easy, Citizens!

Something more about the Outerlands…👀

Outerlands is the most desperate place on the whole island, full of old crumbling architecture. The biggest of them all is an old bridge connecting the Outerlands and the city with a tunnel. But it’s out of use as it was infested with dark things after the bio-modifications and experiments with toxic waste had begun in District 9.

The people here represent the poorest community in the game world. Social life in this district comprises cheap bars and people who love to watch fights to the death in a local fight arena and participate in drag races.
Those few unable losers stuck here toil in mines all their lives. The money they get is just enough for them to survive on some disgusting synthetic food. The Korpo syndicate owns the mines. Primarily metals are extracted here and processed in the factories of D7. Almost everyone hates it here and will do all they can to raise their ranking and escape this scorching desolate hell. And to do that, you simply have to cheat, bullshit, abuse, and kill, if necessary.

The beginnings of District 10 🏜

Outerlands used to be a traveling hub, where all the airplanes from Terra would land and bring the first wave of people who settled Ether Island and later those who had listened to the promises of their propaganda. But also those who remembered why Ether Island came to be in the first place and couldn’t stand the peace and regulations of Terra. Then the island was hidden, so the airport was of no use anymore except for the runway, where now mad drag races take place. There is a community of thugs around those races, and they scavenge for what is left of old airplanes. They build old-school combustion engines and use fuel made in old oil refineries that are still in place here. It’s a lot of fun, especially when they play chicken.

Deadly drag races ☠️

Drag races are not the only fun in Outerlands, though. There’s a pass in the mountains to the north bordering New Vegas, and high-ranking citizens come through when they get bored of all that fake glitter and sensory pleasures of New Vegas… They’d built a ring here and came with their nice cars and race, mad wasted on drugs and alcohol, wreaking havoc on the people living here. It’s also an excellent place to eliminate bodies no one ever needs to find.

True return to the past 🏚

There is no modern tech to find here. People are helping themselves with homemade gadgets made from scraps in the trash. Houses are either tents, ship containers, or metal sheets. Only a few people here can afford a house in these inhospitable conditions. The weather here is affected by frequent sandstorms, which comes in hand with the bad health of the citizens.
Since this district is just desert and dry mountains, there is almost no vegetation except cactuses, dry grass, bushes, and palm trees. There are also only a few animals to spot during the day, like scorpions and snakes, but at night, hyenas and other dangerous animals come out of their hiding places, so players must be careful.

Poor people here work hard in the mines, extracting stone, iron, metals and minerals, gold, diamonds, and oil.

Most roads here are gravel or dirt roads, and they only connect mines with the gates to higher districts. There is only one public transport station leading to the next district. Be aware that the district borders are carefully watched, and you can’t get out there so quickly.


One thing is sure. The Outerlands will either be the beginning of your journey or the end. You will have to do everything to survive and get out of this hole with your strength.

So good luck Citizen! 😈

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