All the updates and news from the last week. Tesla Competition end, start of the new competitions, new tournament, Holder Program LIVE and more!

Dear players,

Another successful week is behind us and we brought some new updates for $IOI community. Let’s go step by step.

The biggest competition of this summer is finished! The favorite Tesla tournament is over, and we already know the winners of this amazing event.

1st place — Tesla Model S or 40K USD in $IOI — jose539

2nd place — MacBook Pro — Need4Speed

3rd place — iPhone 12 Pro Max — ducks

Congratulations to the winners, you were great! We also want to thank everybody who joined the biggest NFT competition in blockchain gaming history!

Don’t be sad it’s over. We know that you all love to compete and race. That’s why we decided to come with something new! We Nitro boosted our racing!

There will be no more “Player of the month” for 1000 $IOI monthly — we’ve got something better for you — A new TEAM TOURNAMENT with monthly rewards of 3840 $IOI!

There are 19 rounds in every race of Team Tournament and the daily prize pool is 128 $IOI. Join every day at 7:00 AM UTC. Racing with us pays off!

If you prefer to compete without racing, no worries. We’ve got something for you. Two more competitions and both of them are very creative and funny! This time, you don’t need to be the best racer.

Let’s join the YouTube competition and become the OWNER or Manager of your country’s National TRM TEAM!

It doesn’t matter if you are a true YouTuber, or you haven’t had your own YT channel until now. If you want to make video content for us and become the head of your country’s National TRM Team, this is your chance!

Each participant has a chance to join a new campaign running from September 1st — September 30th.

Make a 10+ minutes long video review about the $IOI Token and Trade Race Manager and publish it on your YouTube channel.

The one with the best engagement rating will have the honor to be the owner of his country’s National TRM team.

The one who will be at second place in rating will become a manager of his country’s National TRM team who has a right to set up a Trading strategy for the team’s racers.

National team owners and managers will be updated each month according to the conditions met for that month.

Compete with other teams, be the best team of the month and the best racers from the team will get valuable rewards from team prize pools.

Find all of the details about the National TRM Team Competition, the Owner and Manager program, and its benefits here.

You can also join the second competition — the $IOI MEME Competition.

- Create and post $IOI meme on at least 2 social sites + tag our profile and add $IOI hashtag

- Fill this form for us to have proof that you met the conditions of the competition.

- Always include the hashtag #IOImeme

- You can create as many memes as you want.

IOI Staff will pick the winners

We will split the 1000 USDT into the 10 best memes

- 10 best memes win 100 USDT each + the best one wins R8 NFT on top.

- Competition ends at 15.9.

Join one of them or both and earn! Being part of the $IOI community pays off!

IOI Wallet is LIVE, and the Holder program with the revolutionary staking function is also LIVE.

Now is the best time to deposit your $IOI into the IOI Wallet and enjoy the wide range of rewards you can earn.

Let’s find out the details about the best staking ever here.

The IOI token chart looked natural and healthy throughout August.

After continuously creating new highs and increasing by almost 200%, we saw an attempt to break all Time High, but for now, there has been a rejection of the $ 3.5 resistance. The following days, the IOI noticed a minor correction, which can only help the chart from a middle-term perspective. The price came to gain liquidity at lower supports and for the time being the price maintained the broken trendline of ascending channel. The outlook for the coming weeks looks positive, and the IOI could continue its growth trend.

We are moving forward really fast, and we are not going to stop. Join our journey now and be a part of something big!

Team IOI

Important links:

Trade Race Manager

IOI Token

IOI Wallet







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QORPO Game Studio

QORPO Game Studio is the Next-Gen game developer with end-to-end solutions for blockchain gaming industry.