Upcoming Adventure Game AniMate Merges Action with Collecting Fun

Your chance to own the first AniMate is near!

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It’s been quite a while since we released an update on our upcoming adventure AniMate. Don’t mind the silence; the game is taking shape at the speed of light.

Coming together faster than we imagined, we are confident in introducing you to the gameplay, storyline, and giving you the first taste of over 100 AniMates you’ll be able to catch once you enter the Hidden Island.

AniMate game Hidden Island

AniMate Game Overview

The gameplay of AniMate is poised to merge the best of the open-world explorative adventure, action with notable RPG elements, and creature-catching fun for collectors in the vein of the popular Pokémon franchise.

Graphics-wise, the realm of Hidden Island ushers players into the fable-like world full of miscellaneous colors, alluring visuals, and a multitude of mythical creatures. AniMate is precisely designed to win the hearts of both kids and adults.

The introductory story hinges on the tale of the secret portal hidden in the industrial outskirts of the populated metropolis. This portal is the gateway to the Hidden Island, a mesmerizing world of childish imagination where all kinds of little whimsical monsters live unbound.

As players enter the portal, they aim to save as many AniMate as possible from the malevolent bosses, the kids whose intentions with Hidden Island turned blighted. To catch the AniMate, players will use Elements Spheres, elemental bubbles which entrap the creature and allow the player to drag it to safety.

The substantial RPG focus benefits from branched skill trees players level their main characters through. AniMates, on the other hand, enjoy the potential for growth throughout several evolution stages.

Here’s an example of the ice bird evolution:

  • ASLY
AniMate evolution showcase
AniMate evolution stages
Creature evolution in AniMate

New Gameplay Features

To dynamize the gameplay, we plan to add several action-boosting movement methods. What exactly do we bring to the table? The main human characters will be equipped with grapple hooks. Players will also be able to glide and double jump.

  • Glide:
AniMate gameplay glide movement
  • Double Jump:
Double jump movement in AniMate gameplay
  • Grapple:
AniMate Gameplay grapple hook

The creature-cathing won’t be that easy either, yet the fun of it will be well-rewarding. Players will use the Elements Spheres to capture AniMates, yet every AniMate wields different powers and suffers various weaknesses based on their elemental origin. To catch the right AniMate, you’ll have to use the right Element Sphere.

Don’t just catch AniMates. Own them!

With digital asset ownership, you can own your AniMates, heroes, resources, and skills in Hidden Island. This means you can keep, trade, or sell them as you see fit. Your Hidden Island experience is yours to own, so you can build your own unique team and create your own legacy.

The first AniMates up for grabs will soon appear for you to own them. Stay tuned and become the early AniMate master!

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