Trade Race Manager: Ultimate Guide

The blockchain game Trade Race Manager changes people’s lives. The majority of the players earn enough $IOI to have a stable monthly income.

Players earn real money just by playing! Join thousands of other players on this journey.

In this ultimate guide, we will go through the whole gameplay and learn how you can get started with Trade Race Manager.

In Trade Race Manager, players can choose between two game modes to compete against other players. In the unique gameplay containing elements of trading and crypto, you can show off your skills to other players.

Trade Race Manager is running on a Polygon blockchain and each Car and Racer is an NFT (non-fungible token). You don’t need to have prior knowledge of blockchain and NFTs. You can learn about this technology by playing the game.

Investment is not necessary and you can start earning right away. If you win a race you will be rewarded in form of “IOI” which is a cryptocurrency token that can be used to trade, buy NFTs, or stake in the IOI Wallet to get rewards.

Winning races isn’t the only way to earn IOI. You can also earn by scoring points for your team and receiving IOI as a reward at the end of a month if your team is in the Top 3.

We will talk more about ways to earn later, let’s look closer at Trade Race Manager.

First of all register on the website. You can choose if you want to sign up with Metamask or make a profile directly. If you like playing on your mobile then you can use our Android App.

Now that you are all set up, join a game from the menu on the right side of your screen. As you will notice there are different types of Portfolio races and also Binary Fights. We will dive deep into them separately.

You can watch a quick introduction video that will guide you through all of these steps.

Let’s talk about the different race types that you can participate in.

  • Free Race — Happens every 2 minutes, every winner earns the same, it doesn’t matter if you own an NFT or not.
  • Competition Race — Happens every 10 minutes, rewards depend on NFT level. Better NFT = Higher rewards.
  • NFT and Team Tournaments — Happen at 7:00 AM UTC and 04:00 PM UTC respectively. 128 IOI are distributed between the top 10 players in every single tournament. The tournaments are 19 rounds long and you compete in two sets of races.

Qualification rounds

In the first 10 rounds, you earn points for scoring in the top 10 in the races. The point system works just like in F1 qualifications.

Elimination rounds

If you end up in the top 10 after all ten rounds, then you move to the elimination rounds. One player is eliminated in each of the 9 rounds until there is only the last racer standing.

Tips and tricks

When you pick your cryptocurrencies distribute the fuel so one of the coins is at 90% and the other two at 5%, In this way you will “increase” your bet on a single coin that you think is the most volatile at the moment.

If you own premium membership:

  • When choosing the coins, pick those who have a premium fuel badge over them. These fuels are the most volatile at the moment by computer calculation.
  • Use the 2x leverage. With this feature, you will increase your bet by 2 times which makes an enormous difference in the races.

Tournament tips:

  • If you feel confident in your trading skills, then you can try to change the fuel between qualifications, BUT I highly advise you to keep the fuel that you picked before the race and believe that the combinations that you picked are going to bring you to the elimination rounds.
  • In the first round of elimination rounds, pick 90% Tether and the last 10% as you wish. This way your change will be at 0% and most probably somebody is going to go to the negative percentages which will take you to the next round where you should fuel by the trends that you’ve seen in the first round.

You can see an overview of all races happening on the right side of the screen on the TRM “Homepage”.

Let’s talk about earnings. I already explained that Tournament prize pools are 128 IOI and two of these tournaments play out every day.

In Free Races you can earn as much as 0,12 IOI every 2 minutes.

10-minute races bring the most value to players and they are the go-to event for most of the players, every ten minutes you can earn ridiculous amounts for IOI. Look at this reward table where you can see all of the rewards for different classes of NFTs in the race.

You can see the detailed reward system for every type of race right here!

Play against your friends in a 1v1 battle in which your goal is to make more accurate bets than your opponent in a one-minute flash fight.

Make a bet if an option is going to go long or short. You earn a point if your bet was right and vice versa. There are six bets in total.

There are many strategies in this type of game mode:

  • Look at a one-minute chart and see how the option moves in real-time.
  • Stall the game and don’t make a bet. There is a chance that your opponent will go into the negative points.
  • Try to go by your intuition and beat your opponent by luck.

Before we talk about things involving investments, let’s talk about how you can deposit IOI tokens into Trade Race Manager.

There are many exchanges where you can buy IOI, both centralized and decentralized.

We made a tutorial on How-to buy IOI token on KuCoin.

Here are the other exchanges:

Let’s look at the core component of the game. Non-fungible tokens. You can gain a big advantage in the game but also operate with the NFTs as you wish. This way we made sure that when people invest, they will soon get back their investment + make a profit with us.

There are two types of different of NFTs. Cars and Avatars + special influencer bundle which includes both Car and an Avatar.


In a single race, you can use up to five cars. The advantage here is that you maximalize your chances of winning by betting on different coins, or if you feel confident you can make the same bet and score with all of your cars on the top places.

The strategy here is to place similar bets on the coins you believe in at the moment and play with the combinations until you find the right one.

You also gain way more rewards and earn back your investment much quicker than with only one car. If you look at any car in the marketplace, you will notice that on the right side there are daily average winnings. Use that table to calculate how much time it will take you to make your investment back.


Outside of the race track, you can use these avatars to earn bigger rewards from your referrals. We will talk more about how the affiliate program works later.

As a Non-NFT Avatar, you receive 3% of every purchase.

For 100 IOI you can buy a Common Avatar which brings 10% of every purchase.

Epic Avatars cost 1000 IOI and bring 15% of every purchase.

Legendary Avatars cost 10000 IOI and bring 20% of every purchase.

You can also earn these avatars by staking in IOI Wallet which we will talk later about.

Now let’s say you want to buy some NFTs for your TRM account. Where should you buy it?

As of now, there are three different marketplaces with three different payment methods, where you can buy our NFTs. Let’s go through them one by one.

In-game Marketplace — IOI or Polygon payment

The fastest and most efficient way of buying is in the game itself. Click on the cart icon at the top of your screen on the in-game “homepage”. Here you will see all of the NFTs available in the game including Cars, Racers, and Bundles (Special edition Car + Racer).

Simply pick the NFT you want to buy click on continue, choose which currency you want to use and you are all set up!

If you need help with that, look at this tutorial we made on How to buy and deposit NFTs.

OpenSea Marketplace — Ethereum payment

Go to the OpenSea website, type Trade Race Manager and you will find the whole collection of NFTs. It is good to look for good deals because sometimes people sell their NFTs for a much lower price than is usual.

Pick the NFT you like and buy it using Ethereum and then deposit it into your account.

Venly Marketplace — USDT payment

Use the same steps as for OpenSea, but the only difference here is that your payment method is USDT.

Pick the NFT you like and buy it using USDT and then deposit it into your account.

You can choose any marketplace of your liking. Our own IOI Marketplace is also in the process and soon, you will be able to buy NFTs on a remote Marketplace owned by us with 0 fees.

When you register in the game, you will automatically receive a referral link that you find in the affiliate section on the TRM homepage.

Every time someone registers via your referral link and buys an NFT, you will receive a portion of that purchase for yourself. Refer to your friends or audience and start earning just by sharing your link. You can see what attributes do the different classes have in the “What are the benefits of NFTs” section.

Premium membership is the most useful investment that you can make in Trade Race Manager. We will talk about Teams in a while, but keep note that you will need a Premium membership to join your new team.

There are only two real advantages that you can have in the game against other players and both of these are included in Premium membership. I already mentioned them earlier, but let’s deep dive into them.

An extremely useful tool, that you can use in between races is premium fuel. When you’re selecting fuel, look for coins with a golden badge that represents premium fuel. An algorithm is working non-stop to look for the most volatile coins and indicates to you, that you should use them in the next round.

Leverage 2x — You will soon realize that when you race against other players, most that score in the top ten use this tool. Leverage makes your “bet” on coins 2x the size as normal which as a result makes the bet more powerful.

There are three plans you can choose from

  • 1 Month — 50 IOI
  • 3 Months — 135 IOI (10% OFF)
  • 1 Year — 420 IOI (30% OFF)

Note that when membership, you only pay for membership until the end of the month.

Teams are a vital element of the TRM community. Let’s talk about some benefits that you can gain with your new team. To join a team you will need a premium membership.

  • Daily Fuel Tips from your manager — Managers are professional traders who look at the charts at all times and give team members tips on what to fuel on a particular day. These tips are visible when you are choosing fuel. You can find them marked by a red flame which distinguishes Racer Tips of the day.
  • On top of that, teams have their private chats where they share tips on the game and also interact with each other and build real connections.
  • As a Team member, you gain points for your team if you race, and at the end of the month, the top 3 teams receive huge rewards.

Trade Race Manager currently has 13 teams full of professionals. Buy a membership and choose your team. And don’t worry, if you want to change your team, later on, you can.

Now that we already know about teams, let’s talk about how you can create your own, or manage an existing team. Every team is an NFT on its own and the value increases with every new member.

Become a manager

The main benefit that you will have when you become a manager is getting 10% from EVERY Premium membership. Note that everyone in your team has to have a membership, so you earn with every new player.

Your job is to make trading strategies for your team, communicate with teammates and become a vital part of your community.

Join into a free team right away or send a request to contact owners, from which someone will surely accept you.

The only requirement is holding 1000 IOI tokens in your account.

You need only 20 users to gain back your investment because every player in your team is worth 50 IOI.

Become an owner

Getting 10% of every premium member is a great deal, but you can earn twice as much if you’re an owner! You get 20% of every premium member which will make your investment profitable in a matter of weeks.

Build your racing team from scratch, pick the name, badge and everything included. A very important task is hiring the right Manager who is going to help you to get the team to the top positions on the leaderboard.

The only requirement here is paying 1000 IOI tokens, but you get a huge benefit in form of Lifetime Premium membership.

The heart of the whole IOI ecosystem is the wallet from which you can operate all the actions including IOI tokens. We made depositing, transferring, and withdrawing easy for you to make your experience as smooth as possible.

Stay tuned and watch our Youtube channel where we will soon start posting video tutorials for every event in the wallet. There will also be special drops for Trade Race Manager and also CyberTrade which is the next game coming from the IOI gaming studios.

A new feature that came to the wallet is the Holder program, where you can stake from as low as 100 IOI. There are four different levels and time periods from which you can choose and from which you will receive stunning rewards.

Staking, IOI-Wallet, Trade Race Manager

If you’re having an issue with the game, I advise you to visit our Discord channel where there is 24/7 priority support ready to resolve all of your issues. The next place where you can get help is our Telegram group. Moderators are happy to help you on both of these platforms.

Of course, there is also an email address where you can contact us

We hope this ultimate guide helped you with everything you needed to know about Trade Race Manager, how it works, and how to earn money.

This is a revolution in blockchain gaming and the projects that are about to come are going to boost IOI to the №1 of all crypto games on the market.

This is only a beginning of an enormous journey that is going to take IOI to the next level.

Team IOI

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