The #Takeover — All You Need to Know about Citizen Conflict Alpha 2.0

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Citizen Conflict Alpha 2.0 is almost here. What to expect? We bring you the overview of the gameplay dynamics, tournaments, and team tactics you’ll need to come out superior.

Overall, the upcoming alpha test will include one competitive, team-based game mode, three kinds of tournaments, five heroes, and the heat of battle frenzy on two brand-new maps.

TakeOver is a Conquest Mode in Citizen Conflict Alpha 2.0
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Takeover — A New Twist of the Map Domination

Familiar with the conquest mode? We bring a new exciting way to get the most out of it in Citizen Conflict. The Takeover is a highly competitive game mode focused on team synergy, tactics, and strategic work with hero classes. The point is to take over the majority of control locations and, thus, gain dominance over the entire map. The Takeover is a perfect amalgamation of tactical team organization and high-octane combat chaos with raining bullets and unhinged battle shrieks.

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Alpha 2.0 Takeover game mode sees two rival teams facing each other. At the beginning of each round, the combating teams start grouped at the opposite sides of the map, with no control locations under their rule. The ultimate goal is to reach 1000 points first, to win the round. The team gets points for every kill and taking over ‌control locations. The good news? Respawning doesn’t penalize the team in any way.

Each map has several control locations placed across it, with A and C locations in the corners and B locations placed more to the middle, where the most furious combat action takes place.


Airfield is of the two Alpha 2.0 playable maps. It’s set to invoke the Outerlands’ moods with its aircraft hangars, heavy machinery, and sun-scorched land all around. On Airfield, teams are set to battle over ‌dominance for the following control locations:

  • Fuel Storage — A
  • Hangar — part B1
  • Hangar — part B2
  • Aircraft Yard — C
  • Control Tower — D
Citizen Conflict map Airfield overview

New Pressburg

New Pressburg is closer to the cyberpunk-styled fashion of Citizen Conflict, with its neon-lit portrait of the futuristic Bratislava City.

In Citizen Conflict, New Pressburg appearance reflects ‌Bratislava’s essence, a fusion of Soviet-style brutalist buildings with modern, luminous architecture that envelops a charming historical hub. The river beneath acts as a canvas, mirroring the radiant city lights mingled with the endless stars above,

In New Pressburg, teams will battle to assert their reign over some of the actual Bratislava sights:

  • Slovak National Parliament — A
  • Bratislava Castle — B
  • Radio Station (The Inverted Pyramid) — C
Citizen Conflict map New Pressburg overview

The Role of Hero Classes in Takeover Game Mode

Citizen Conflict Takeover mode upholds the team’s tactics and the squad's synergy. To diversify the strategic experience and the unpredictability of each match, we bring one-of-a-kind heroes with special abilities stemming from their class. Choose wisely. Every class plays a crucial role in the game’s dynamics and the constellation of ‌team tactics.

Check out the Citizen Conflict Alpha 2.0 Heroes!
  • Assault heroes play primarily offensive roles on the team. Assaults embody a relentless and aggressive character determined to eliminate their targets. Assault heroes are best suited for direct action on the battlefield. They plunder the enemies’ positions, they deal the most damage.
  • Support heroes are endurance brutes designated to provide defensive expertise and backup to their team members. They specialize in defensive strategies and tactics to protect their team. In gameplay, they are the ones who stand their ground under ‌fire. They are those who protect the control location when the enemies come to strike.
  • Medics heroes enhance the abilities of their allies by providing healing, shielding, damage-boosting, and disabling enemy abilities. Their focus is on empowering their team members to be more effective in combat. It’s crucial to have a dedicated medic character on the team. Right when the hopes appear to wane in the crossfire, medics are the ones who can decide the conclusion of the fight.
  • Specialist heroes possess expertise in using complex abilities to set up their teams for success. They excel at creating advantageous situations for their team members through strategic and intricate maneuvers. They handle the devices and powers to reinforce their team members.

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