Syndicate Box: Claim your Mystery Box for $QORPO Airdrop & NFTs

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Hey! Our hero shooter Citizen Conflict is not only taking shape in rapid strides. The Alpha 3.0 is due out in the middle of this summer with a waft of fresh tournament experiences to monetize your game.

Citizen Conflict Mystery Box — Syndicate Box

To share our excitement with you, we bring the Mystery Boxes full of valuable loot and opportunities to make the most out of the esports fierceness looming ahead.

What’s inside the box?

As you might have noticed, we have kicked off the Summer Jam with our mystery boxes. Join the raffle, claim the Syndicate Box, and put your hands on all the secrets within.

You can count on access to all the Citizen Conflict alpha releases, access to the upcoming tournaments, and a $QORPO token airdrop chance.

  • Alpha Key — Get immediate and free access to Citizen Conflict! Play the game, hone your skills, and get ready for the upcoming tournaments. Mystery Box offers a 50% chance of Alpha Key drop for the ultimate gateway to gaming and esports.
Citizen Conflict Alpha Key
Citizen Conflict Next Gen NFT Avatars
  • $QORPO Token Airdrop Chance — The most valuable loot of the Syndicate Box is the chance of $QORPO token straight to your QORPO ID Wallet. Claim as many boxes as possible and enhance the chance of random airdrop with each box you claim.
$QORPO Token Airdrop Contest

How to get your Mystery Box?

Since this Monday (the 3rd of July), you can claim one Mystery Box daily. Head over to QORPO Market, and click on the “Mint Now” button on the pop-up banner that shows up upon signing up.

Otherwise, choose the Syndicate Box option and click on the “Claim Now” button.

Right there, you can claim your box and count on ample prizes. Once we start the box opening, you’ll be able to open all of your boxes at once. The more boxes you manage to get until then, the better your chance for the bigger $QORPO airdrop.

How to open the Syndicate Box?

We will announce the opening feast soon. By that time, take the leisure of hoarding fever to get as many assets as possible. When the time comes, you can open the box and claim the offerings in a few simple steps.

  • Open your box and pay a fee in the native currency (Polygon).
  • Claim the reward after opening the box.
  • Mint the NFT that dropped from the box and pay a minting fee.
  • Enjoy your reward and get lucky!

To complete the box-opening, confirm the purchase — a small minting fee only, and get rewarded with Alpha, NFT avatar, or $QORPO airdrop.

Once you’re geared up, sit back and wait for the next Citizen Conflict tournament to ravage your world.

Are you the next winner?

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