IOI Wallet, Holder program, and benefits. You choose.

Whole IOI ecosystem in one place. The long-awaited IOI Wallet is LIVE!

This platform connects everything from the IOI world. Marketplace, Trade Race Manager and all the projects which are ahead of us. The main point is to connect our community, to simplify using our products, and bring benefits, that you’re going to love.

Our NFTs will be in IOI Wallet, ready for everyone who would like to buy them. Plus limited editions of exclusive NFT drops which will be available ONLY in the wallet and nowhere else. Special discounts and sales also ONLY for wallet users.

But there will be more NFTs! Art, game items, music, everything will be available for users of this integrated platform.

If you are asking what is the main benefit of having an IOI wallet except for things we spoke about above, the answer is simple. Staking.


Staking with us is always a good idea because the one who stakes is the one who earns. Everybody already knows that it really pays off. But this staking will be even more interesting and profitable. The IOI Wallet comes with the exclusive HOLDER PROGRAM which will be live SOON. It will make your $IOI holding really worthwhile due to this feature. By staking the $IOI Token on our wallet you can earn by simply choosing from our wide variety unlimited rewards and various drops from the IOI ecosystem. Stake and earn. You decide about your rewards.

There will be 4 levels of staking in HOLDER PROGRAM, depending on how much $IOI you will stake.

Every level will bring different benefits and rewards, which will be announced soon! You will be able to choose what you get from any IOI platform. Stake Cybercash, NFTs, Memberships and much more. All of our projects are connected here and the possibilities are endless. Revolutionary staking method.

Available only in the

The HOLDER PROGRAM will be available soon!

The best thing is that you will find all of this in one app! The unique crypto and investment Nitro wallet on the Google Play and App store* is completely free!

Google Play

App Store* - available soon

Team IOI

Important links:

Trade Race Manager

IOI Token

IOI Wallet







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