QORPO Weekly Report (5–11 Mar)

What’s new in QORPO? Let’s dig in!

QORPO ID Is Finally Live!

The long-awaited QORPO ID is finally live! This feature is bringing many benefits to the table, such as “one login to every QORPO platform”, including QORPO Market, Trade Race Manager 2 (TRM 2) and Crypto Citizen.

It’s also a launchpad for new P2E games, digital wallet, staking solution and a place for regular drops. Find out everything about or .

Crypto Citizen Wiki


Our popular game Crypto Citizen is now available on Wiki with all the details about the game! If there’s something you want to find out about our game, or head over to this .

NFT Reptile Giveaway

If you’re a Rich Racer in our TRM 2 game, you should join our giveaway because you can win an NFT worth 570 $IOI! You still got some time, the giveaway ends on 14th of March, so join now.

Contact Support

If you need to contact support about some issues, we created a guide on how to do that through Discord. If you need help with Crypto Citizen, . If you need help with TRM 2, .

Crypto Citizen — New District Zone

Crypto Citizen is being developed 24/7 and there will be several districts where you can meet, fight, socialize, work or have fun. Vaporwaves district is one of the latest zones in a development stage. This district will be hard to survive as it’s ran by gangs!

CyberCash IDOs Summary

Our in-game cryptocurrency called CyberCash ($CCASH) went through IDOs on 4 platforms, including Polkastarter, Firestarter, Seedify and SpaceSwap.

TRM 2 Review

NFT World News made astonishing and precise review about our game TRM 2. They looked at all of our in-game aspects and the $IOI token.


QORPO is an international company & gaming studio with 100+ employees focusing on web 3 and connecting gaming with blockchain, cryptocurrencies and NFTs. QORPO is a metaverse leader in central Europe currently building the most complete ecosystem with 4 products to be fully live in 2022 — Trade Race Manager 2, Crypto Citizen, QORPO Market and QORPO ID.

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