QORPO Weekly Report (22–28 Jan)

3 min readJan 28, 2022


Dear community,

thanks for being with us. We gladly announce another important news from the last week. Crypto markets are falling and that may bring a lot of distress but people need to see the bigger picture. It’s bringing new opportunities!

QORPO Twitch Is Live

TRM 2 Twitch Live

This is huge news for everyone for a simple reason. If you’re a regular player, you can watch our Twitch and get better in racing, see better fueling options and everything that’s happening around TRM 2 and QORPO Market. If you’ve never played TRM 2 before, you can see what the game really is like and how to play it. Our streamer SpavN will show you everything you need to know :)

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TRM 2 NFT Car: Classic GAZ Chaika Genesis 0

There is a number of special car collections in TRM 2 but this definitely stands out the most! It’s a Common tier with $200 tag and an average daily win of 15 $IOI tokens. If you’re a good racer, you can make the whole amount in less than a month!

QORPO Market NFT Art

QORPO Marketplace continues to conquer the NFT market with great-looking NFTs that have amazing colorful display! Now we present you Clone Bunnies that are available exclusively on QORPO Market.

TOP Projects Under $50 Million Market Cap

Crypto market sell off made a lot of projects significantly undervalued but it’s also bringing new opportunities. $IOI is one of those projects according to CryptoDep graph you can see below.

top projects with market cap under $50 million

$IOI Technical Analysis: Great Buying Opportunity?

$IOI token chart

The $IOI token has suffered from the downtrend of the whole cryptocurrency market which correlates with the price correction of major stock indexes such as S&P 500. The less liquid altcoins suffered a much heavier decline, but gradually the situation began to stabilize.

In comparison with other altcoins, $IOI currently held the important support and we can see some increasing buy volume in the last few days. $IOI token is in positive correlation with Bitcoin, so if Bitcoin isn’t going lower, our support could hold and this zone will work as strong support for the possible bounce up to $1.5.


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There’s another game coming soon called CyberTrade. It’s an NFT based game built in full 3D Unity engine. Dominate the city in this revolutionary Play2Earn game with your crime syndicate and become the Boss of all Bosses or race through the streets of Metropolit.

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