QORPO Weekly Report (1–7 Jan)

3 min readJan 7, 2022


Dear community,

we wish you all Happy New Year and only the best for you! Let’s make 2022 better than all the other years before, together. Now check out the most important events in the past week.

$CCASH Private Allocation is full, however…

$IOI holders had the opportunity to become a part of the private allocation for CyberCash ($CCASH) and get tokens at just $0.05 per token, while public sale with Polkastarter and Firestarter offered a price of $0.07 per one $CCASH. This event received huge public interest and the allocation goal filled up during one day. Congratulations to all $CCASH investors!

$CCASH Public Sale

If you missed out, you can participate on the $CCASH whitelist with Firestarter very soon! Watch our Twitter and you’ll know more details soon.

Burning of TRM NFTs

We are about to burn the old unsold NFTs to make space for the whole new edition of more attractive, usable in more races, and what’s the best- affordable for everyone. The original NFTs will become the Genesis 0 NFTs.

$IOI Ecosystem of Growth

We always do everything for our community and the support of $IOI! Now we have a special event for each day until the official launch of the TRM2. Each of these events will have a positive impact and TRM 2 will be functional very soon!

TRM 2 x NFTrade Partnership

We prefer partnering up with great projects instead of rivaling and that is why we connected with NFTrade, an NFT oriented marketplace. We want to connect communities, and as a result, our special NFT Lambo collection will be available on their market very soon. Furthermore, we will launch a $IOI NFT farm that will allow our users to stake the native tokens to earn exclusive collectible and utility-based NFTs! Read this blog to find out more.


QORPO is an international company focusing on connecting gaming with blockchain, cryptocurrencies and NFTs. QORPO is an NFT metaverse leader in central Europe currently building the most complete ecosystem in the NFT universe with 3 live products — Trade Race Manager 2, QORPO Wallet and QORPO Market.

There’s another game coming soon called CyberTrade (NFT based game build in full 3D Unity engine — Dominate the city in this revolutionary Play2Earn NFT metaverse with your crime syndicate and become the Boss of all Bosses).

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