Qorpo Weekly (23–29 Oct)

3 min readOct 29, 2021


First Gameplay of TRM2, CyberTrade Cinematic Trailer, TRM Episode 4

Dear community,

last week has been full of competitions, giveaways, and updates. Hundreds of dollars were given away, 1 NFT worth $350 and more! Let’s take a look at what happened.

CyberTrade $1,000 Meme Competition for Twitter

There is a $1,000 Meme competition on Twitter from CyberTrade. The best part is that anybody can join, so don’t hesitate, join & win(check it out here). The competition ends 23.11. 2021.

First Gameplay of Trade Race Manager 2

The first gameplay of Trade Race Manager 2 is here. The pieces of the puzzle are coming together really fast! TRM2 is closer than you think. Watch the video going through the early version of the game as well as the new functions.

CyberTrade Cinematic Trailer

The release of the first cinematic trailer of CyberTrade is here. AAA crypto gaming experience will become a reality soon. If you want to become a part of it, don’t forget to pre-register to be notified about updates here.

TRM “Meet” the Player” Episode 4: Masscar

Masscar is one of the wealthiest players in terms of NFT ownership and he plays Trade Race Manager every day for 12–14 hours. What does he do? Why did he start playing Trade Race Manager? Why did he invest over $10,000 in the game? Find out more in the interview here.

TRM Giveaway with NFT World News

There was an NFT giveaway from Trade Race Manager, cooperating with NFT World News. The winner received Formation Car NFT worth 200 IOI (more than $350)!

New Art — Qorpo Market

There are new art NFTs regularly listed on Qorpo marketplace. For example, there will be this new NFT called NEON WARS by Tomeu Capellas. This, and other digital artworks will be available very soon.


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