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“I know what I want, and I am willing to do anything for it.” — Rastislav Bakala, CEO & founder of QORPO

Rastislav Bakala, CEO and founder of QORPO, is a man who does business in Slovakia in a somewhat unconventional segment. Despite this, he can already be proud of several achievements at his young age.

So who is Rastislav, where did he come from, and how did he manage to build the leading game studio in Central Europe?

You will read this and much more in the first edition of our QORPO Talks interview series, where we introduce our team members.

Rastislav Bakala — CEO and founder of QORPO game studio

QORPO: “Hey, Rastislav! Could you tell us more about your back story? How did you start?”

Rastislav: “Hey everyone! So, as you already know, my name is Rastislav Bakala. I come from Čadca, a small city in Slovakia. I’m 32 years, and I’m a happy husband and father of two daughters.
At a young age, I was a former professional football player. I played in several football clubs, both in Slovakia and abroad.”

QORPO: “That’s amazing! It must be entertaining. Why did you stop with football?”

Rastislav: “At first, I saw my future in football. Unfortunately, a serious injury jeopardized my football activity, and I had to finish my sports career. But thanks to my years with football, I met a lot of insurance agents and people from this area, and I started to like it. So I decided to start with a new career in the financial sector. I started my new career working in banks, where I dealt with company corporate loans. I was also in charge of creditworthy clients. For 11 years, I expanded my overview of the financial sector and confirmed it so that it is an area where I see my future.”

QORPO: “So you started to work in the financial sector, in banks. You had to gain a lot of skills and knowledge about the world of finances.”

Rastislav: “Yes, that’s right. And after 11 years, when I felt I knew enough, I quit my bank job and went my own way. I started a business.”

QORPO: “Which year was it, and what business did you start?”

Rastislav: “It was 2016, and I entered the cryptocurrency space. It was before the QORPO, and I had to admit that there were some initial failures. But it did not discourage me. I decided to start again, and this time, more innovative and smart!”

QORPO: “And that’s the beginning of QORPO, right?”

Rastislav: “Yeah. In 2018 I came back smarter and stronger and tried it out with new visions and a quality core team, and we made a QORPO.”

QORPO: Imagine a person reading this who knows nothing about QORPO. Tell something more about your company.”

Rastislav: QORPO is a game studio that focuses on connecting gaming and blockchain. It’s an industry that is very popular in the world, but there is still a lot of room for you to break through. So that’s what we’re trying to do. We develop games in which the essence is either crypto or NFTs, we have our own first Slovak NFT marketplace, and we are building a complete gaming ecosystem in which everything will be interconnected and will form a revolutionary open world. So much in a nutshell…”

QORPO: “From 2018, your company gained true momentum until today. How many people were at the beginning of your company’s journey? And how many people does it has now?”

Rastislav: “Our team started in the amount of maybe six people. Now it’s almost 100, and we are still hiring new employees.”

QORPO: “Wow! What a success! It must have been complicated to carve out your place in crypto and gaming. How did you make it?

Rastislav: “It wasn’t easy, that’s true. But as I said, I had experienced failure, I knew what it was like to fail, and I didn’t want to experience it again. So, I told myself that it had to work out and that I had to do everything for it.”

QORPO: “What does “do it all for” mean?”

Rastislav: “I started studying the market thoroughly, doing research, learning non-stop. I was learning about other projects, how to do things right, and make the right decisions. And most importantly, I found quality employees. That’s the bottom line.”

QORPO: “It must be hard to find people who are not only interested in but knowledgeable about the world of crypto and gaming.”

Rastislav: “It is challenging, especially here in Slovakia.”

QORPO: “So you do quirky things that are not yet quite popular in Slovakia. Despite that, you have the majority of the team from Slovakia.”

Rastislav: “Yes, we have remote employees, mainly in the positions of 3D designers, who are from different corners of the world. Slovaks form the basis. Since gaming associated with crypto, blockchain, and NFTs is still taboo in Slovakia, it wasn’t easy to find people here. However, I am happy that we managed to find the right people to work for us.”

QORPO: “What do you require of people in your company?”

Rastislav: “Of course, they must master the things essential for their job. The more experienced the person, the better. But we also give a chance to young and ambitious juniors and people who want to learn. We are all very friendly here and work like a family.”

QORPO: “How does your company run?”

Rastislav: “Each department has its directors and team leaders who are responsible for the running of the department. We consult things together at meetings and meetings on a daily or weekly basis.”

QORPO: “What is your biggest goal in your business?”

Rastislav: “Conquer the world. To create a place for all players where they will like to return and where they will feel good. It sounds cheesy, but to make a true gaming Metaverse where you can be whoever you want and be yourself simultaneously.”

QORPO: “What are your worst traits?”

Rastislav: “I am very eager. I would prefer to have everything yesterday. I am a big detail workaholic, and I demand a lot. It makes me even happier that my people keep up with my pace and do everything to make things go as they should.”

QORPO: “What qualities do you value in people?”

Rastislav: “Honesty, ambition, not being afraid to work hard. These are vital things for me.”

QORPO: “What do you think makes your company unique?”

Rastislav: “We have no limits. We have people working here who came here without work experience, got a chance, and took it. Also, people who have not worked for this segment in their lives had no idea what blockchain or NFTs are and worked out, and above all, we are a family here. So we don’t give up and keep moving forward.”

,,We have no limits.” — Rastislav Bakala, CEO and founder of QORPO

QORPO: “What are you currently working on?”

Rastislav: “The focus is on our hero shooter game Citizen Conflict. I think this is going to be something unique! We work 100% with Unreal Engine 5, which only underlines how great the game will look. We care about every detail, from characters to weapons and other assets, to the environment in which the game will take place. This is something for fans of shooting games such as Counter-Strike or Battlefield.”

QORPO: “What would you like to say to the readers?”

Rastislav: “Never give up. Set goals, no matter how high, and work hard for them under all circumstances.”

It was great getting to know you more and learning about your beginnings and QORPO. Thank you for your time, and we wish you all the best and hope your professional and personal dreams come true!



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