QORPO Market is back with new industry-leading features!

Revolutionary credit system with credit card payment option and games reviews section!

QORPO Market is one of the leading NFT marketplaces in Central Europe and the first ever NFT marketplace in Slovakia.

Since the QORPO game studio based in Slovakia, which is behind the development of the QORPO Market, focuses primarily on the development of blockchain games and gaming, the idea of creating a unique gaming NFT marketplace for all game enthusiasts came naturally.

The NFT marketplace was created in 2021 when it first saw the light of day in a trial beta version when we tested all marketplace processes and tracked bugs. After a few months of downtime when we worked on the improvement and optimization, QORPO Market is again back with industry-leading features that will change our market to a different level!

Over the past half year, we have achieved several important milestones, such as special NFT collections for leading music artists from Central Europe such as Kontrafakt, Separ, and Momo. Despite our focus on gaming, you can certainly look forward to other exciting collaborations from the world of music and pop culture!

On our market, you can find NFT collections of games from our ecosystem, exciting art from various NFT artists from different corners of the world, or the aforementioned unique music video NFTs, which have a special collector’s value.

And not only that! We added several essential features that will please all NFT artists or collectors and make exploring and buying NFTs as easy as possible!

So let’s have a look on what’s new!


The first and certainly the most attractive new feature is the credit system.
You certainly know it already from shopping on the Internet. Easy shopping with a third-party payment option has become commonplace worldwide, making buying easier for customers. However, modern technologies such as NFT are still a big taboo, and the complex purchase process deters many people. That’s why we decided to implement the option of a credit system on our market.

Therefore, we have simplified the previously tricky process of purchasing an NFT to one easy step: buying a credit system in the CREDIT SYSTEM section which you can find on the top bar.

What are credits?

Credits are the in-market currency you can pay for NFTs that are accessible through FIAT credit card payments and cryptocurrency.

Credit funds cannot be withdrawn as cash or crypto assets at this time. It is because they are not accounted for in your Holder Rank, and this benefit is only available via holding of $IOI Token.

How to buy or sell credits?

After clicking on the CREDITS icon, you can choose from two options — Buy Credits or Sell Credits.

In the Buy Credits section, decide how much you want to buy and how much, with a minimum of 15 USDT.
For example, you can buy USD via Credit Card, or IOI Token ($IOI), Polygon ($Matic), Binance Token ($BNB), or BUSD ($BUSD). The choice is yours. After entering the quantity and selecting the currency, click on BUY.

The exact process applies if you want to sell credits. You select the option and menu and click on SELL with conversion fee 2%.

You should be aware that credits are not refundable, but they can be converted into cryptocurrencies at any time with conversion rate according to the time of conversion.
1 Credit (1 CR) will always be equal $1 (1 BUSD and 1 USDT) without considering any fees.

We take 2% per card and 1.8% spread fee for all currencies except EUR and GBP where the spread is only 1%. It is dynamic based on quantity.


As you could read above, another essential innovation on our market is the possibility of payment by credit card. We have been working on this feature for some time, and we are even happier that we managed to implement it right on QORPO Market!

Binance Connect supports the credit card payment option. So, after selecting the CREDIT CARD option in the Buy Credits section, you will be redirected to Binance, where you must complete KYC. If you are already a Binance verified user you do not have to do KYC and you can simply buy NFTs straight away — if not you will need to complete Binance KYC process.

How to do Binance KYC process? Here are the steps:

1. Visit binance.com

If you are a new user, you will have to create an account with Binance. If you are an existing user, simply log in with your account information.

2. Start the identity verification process

Once you’ve logged in, select the [User Center] icon (pictured) on the top right corner of your screen. Then click [Identification] to proceed to the next step. Or, access the Identity Verification page here.

3. Verify your account

Click [Get Verified] to begin the verification process. Note that the identity verification documents required differ depending on your nationality. So, after choosing your nationality, upload your required ID documents, which may include a government-issued ID, legal name, home address, photo ID, postal code, and/or other required details.

4. Complete the identity verification process

Confirm that all the details submitted are accurate to make sure that your verification is accepted. Complete the process and proceed to trading. Alternatively, you can opt for advanced verification method after completing basic verification.

Binance has three verification tiers: Verified, Verified Plus and Enterprise Verification. Please consult the following chart for a sample preview of the personal information required and account features each verification tier will unlock. Please note: the following information varies on a per-country basis.

Submitting all your details for verification should take no more than 20 minutes. Afterward, you will have to wait for your verification to be processed.

For detailed information on how to complete identity verification on Binance, visit our FAQ article.

Find the video tutorial

Now you’re able to use your credit card through Binance Connect, congratulations!

The amount in USD will be swapped to BUSD via our third-party provider, which will be converted to credits in a 1:1 ratio.

(For Example: 200 USD = 195 BUSD = 195 $CREDIT)

Please beware there might be additional fees included in the swap process due to market volatility.

We believe that these functions will help many of you to make a comfortable purchase with just a few simple clicks.


As we mentioned above, our goal was to create a leading gaming NFT marketplace, where everyone will be able to find all the necessary info about their favorite game.

The QORPO GAMES section is precisely the place to find all of this!

This section will find all the most famous and also lesser-known games and game projects with all the essential info and much more!

To make the search easier, we have prepared categories through which you can easily filter games and projects.

After clicking on any game or project, you will find basic info and more detailed data, such as earnings per day, game currency, blockchain they use, market cap, platforms, and the most important — reviews!

In the reviews option, you will find two levels of ratings. One data is based on our project assessment, and the other is on the community rating of ordinary users and players, as we believe your opinion matters! Of course, we care about your opinion, and that’s why we always try to give our community the power to decide things, as well as to speak out loud.

After scrolling down, you will find interesting information such as how to play, gallery, or redirection to Twitter of the given game or project. Below all this, you have the option to add your review, where you can describe in detail your unique experience with the game or project in question.

In the profile of each game and game project, you will also find links to essential and exciting YouTube reviews, which can undoubtedly be helpful in your decision-making.


One of the novelties is also a chart of the development of the price of an NFT. You can find the PRICE HISTORY chart by clicking on a specific NFT right below its worth. It allows you to track the direction in which the price moved in a given time frame.

In this way, you will gain an overview of the prices of other digital sets, and, for example, you will be able to adapt your strategy for the publication of your art or asset.


Of course, the previous classic functions such as selling or buying NFTs remained.

We can also remind you of the AUCTION, which is worth a try! You start by setting a starting bid and a time frame for when the auction will run. Then you leave it to the bidders who keep adding a higher price according to how much they are willing to give. If you are in the opposite position and want to buy an NFT, remember the basic rule — the bigger the bid, the greater the chance that the NFT will end up in your hands. Or a wallet.

Another option, MAKE OFFER, is also trendy. You can publish your NFT without a listed price and let the interested parties suggest how much they want to buy it for. You can discuss the final price thanks to another popular feature, MESSAGES.

You can write a message to anyone by clicking on their profile via the SEND MESSAGES button.

Right next to it is the FOLLOW button, which we certainly don’t need to explain. However, don’t be afraid to support your favorite artists by following them and liking their art and assets.

You can also add game projects or entire NFT collections to your favorites. It’s up to you.

Make QORPO Market a place you’ll always love to come back to!

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