QORPO ID 2.0: Getting Started With New Features — A Step-by-Step Guide

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There have been many rumors, teasers, and announcements regarding our QORPO ID. Finally, we are proud to announce the full release of our newly built ecosystem launcher, equipped with groundbreaking features to make your flow even easier — starting 25th of April 25th at 6:00 UTC!

QORPO ID 2.0 new features and QID Wallet

Together we have reached a point where we made things work as they always were supposed to. Forget about multiple windows for every step and mind-baffling web3 processes.

In QORPO ID, you have everything you need to enjoy the entire QORPO ecosystem in a nutshell. Are you a blockchain enthusiast or a complete novice? Doesn’t matter! QORPO ID is both simple and feature-rich.

What can you enjoy?

  • Download and Launch Games
  • Drag & Drop Management of your Virtual Assets and NFTs
  • Game Ratings & Reviews
  • Advanced Social Features
  • DAO Votings
  • Deposit Crypto & NFTs easily

Sign Up to Start your Journey

Are you new to the QORPO ecosystem? This is the perfect place to get started. Go to the QORPO ID registration page and launch your new account in a few simple steps.

  • Here you can proceed both with web2 and web3 way. Sign up with your Metamask, Google account, social media profile, or email address.
QORPO ID 2.0 registration page
  • After filling out your account details and credentials, you can proceed to your new account.
QORPO ID 2.0 new account sign up
  • Welcome to the dashboard!
QORPO ID — QID 2.0 dashboard

Create or Migrate your Account to QID Wallet

Are you already registered? Right after logging into your account, you’ll be ushered into the QORPO ID with the welcome screen. Since we integrated a QID wallet with QORPO ID, you’ll have three options to proceed. To maintain your old account, you can either create your QID Wallet, migrate your assets to the QID Wallet, or withdraw your assets to a third-party wallet.

  • Create: If you choose to create your wallet, you get instant and free access to the entire QORPO ID with a brand new QID Wallet at your disposal. However, note that you will lose all your current assets.
  • Migrate: If you choose to migrate your account to QID Wallet, you will get instant access to your QORPO ID with all your current assets migrated to your brand new QID Wallet. This way, you will be charged transaction fees connected to the migration of the assets.
  • Withdraw: If you don’t want to migrate your current assets but don’t want to lose them, you are welcome to withdraw them to any third-party wallet of your choice manually.

Afterward, you will be able to enjoy QORPO ID to the full extent.

ATTENTION: You’ll have to Create or Migrate your account by the end of May! Otherwise, your old account will be lost.

Manage Your Assets Easily: Drag & Drop Between QID Wallet and Games

Attention, proceed with ease! Managing your NFTs and in-game virtual assets has never been this simple. We introduce a single interface for dragging and dropping all the assets you have in your wallet and games.

  • In the left column, you can have all the assets in your QID Wallet or 3rd party wallet in check.
  • In the right column, you can easily manage your assets in both QORPO ecosystem games, such as Citizen Conflict or the upcoming AniMate, as well as all the future outside-the-ecosystem games integrated into QORPO ID.

The overview of your assets is made simple. Which column your new asset appears in depends on where you obtained it.

  • Wallet section: If you buy NFTs on the market, get the airdrop, or migrate it from a 3rd party, it will appear on the left in your wallet.
  • Games section: If you obtained an asset in the game, e.g., for fulfilling tasks or winning in tournaments, your new assets will appear on the right side in the Games section.

NFTs and In-Game Virtual Assets Management in QORPO ID

To start with, it’s crucial to recognize the difference between web2 in-game assets, such as skins, and actual on-chain NFTs. While in-game assets can be used only within the respective game, they can’t be processed further. That means you cannot manipulate or sell them on the NFT marketplace.

If you obtain some in-game, the virtual assets will appear in your Games section of QORPO ID. To upgrade your virtual assets to NFTs, which you own and can process anyhow you wish, you can easily mint them by clicking on the upgrade icon or selling them over on QORPO Market. You can make your offer by clicking the move icon and opting for QORPO Market.

If you choose to mint your NFTs, you will be charged a gas fee. When selling your virtual asset on the QORPO Market, the respective virtual asset will be minted into NFT at the point of transaction to the buyer’s wallet, and the gas fee will be reduced from the price you sold it for.

Your newly minted in-game virtual asset will subsequently also appear as an NFT in your Wallet section.

On the other hand, if you obtain an in-game NFT in your wallet, to create it in the respective game, you will have to drag & drop it from the wallet section to the games section.

QORPO ID: Games Launching & Downloads Simplified

QORPO ID also serves as the all-in-one ecosystem games launcher. In the Downloads section, you will be able to access any game we develop as a part of the QORPO ecosystem or any 3rd party game integrated into the ecosystem.

QORPO ID games section

Downloads introduce an intuitive and simple interface showcasing offered games, their brief description, game genre designation, and ratings. You can explore the game further by clicking on it or simply downloading it right to your device.

Since we believe in putting worthwhile games at the forefront, you can explore the game in more detail right in your QORPO ID by clicking through it. We will involve our community in putting forth their reviews and ratings.

Your Voice Can Be Heard — Introducing DAO Votings

We are not building only products, we build community. To put you at the forefront of the development of the entire ecosystem, we introduce DAO Votings right in the QORPO ID. In the DAO section, you are welcome to vote on crucial stages of development, articulate your preferences, and directly impact our games.

QORPO ID latest DAO Votings

So far, we have raised several pending questions in DAO voting for every QORPO ID user. The result is our new $QORPO Token. In the future, every voting will be accessible for the holders of the ecosystem token $QORPO to voice their preferences and impact the development of the ecosystem they are part of.

Social Features — Add People to your Friend List and Share your Experience in Real Time

We haven’t left this one out! We understand the importance of sharing your experiences with your friends and fellow players. Therefore we have developed simple but advanced social features built right into the QORPO ID. You can easily enter the social interface by clicking the social icon in the upper right corner. You can add people to your friend list, manage your contacts, and chat with friends here.

Buy & Deposit Crypto to your QID Wallet

Cryptocurrencies are the monetary fuel of our entire ecosystem. To pour the fuel into the tank, you can easily deposit or buy crypto hassle-free right in your QORPO ID by clicking on the wallet icon right next to the social features.

You are free to proceed with the QID wallet or connect supported 3rd party wallets to your QORPO ID account.

  • QID Wallet: If you want to deposit or buy crypto, click on the Add Funds button in the QID Wallet column. Here you can add funds by transferring them from an exchange or buying them with your card, thanks to Binance Connect. We support ETH, Polygon, and BSC networks.
  • 3rd Part Wallet: If you wish to proceed with your crypto wallet, such as Metamask, you are welcome to do so and connect your wallet to your QORPO ID account seamlessly just by clicking on the Web3 Wallet option.

Sign Up Now And Get Access To CItizen Conflict Alpha 2.0 In April

The QORPO ecosystem is taking shape, with its flagship shooter game Citizen Conflict publicly accessible by the end of April. However, due to limited server capacity, we won’t be able to welcome everyone once the alpha test starts running. So don’t be late and get your spot ahead of time by signing up for QORPO ID today.

Why bother?

On top of the exciting experience with one of the most advanced shooter games on blockchain, you can enjoy ample room for monetizing your skill. We will host sponsored tournaments with generous prize pools for the first time. Anyone with access to the game can join and win.

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