Meet the Team: Our AniMate Concept Artist, Bárbara Montesano

2 min readApr 21


Ever wondered who’s bringing the creative ideas behind creatures from the upcoming game AniMate to life?

QORPO Game Studio’s Character Concept Artist for AniMate game — Báarbara Montesano

Bárbara Montesano is an incredibly talented and imaginative Character Concept Artist who takes pride in her extensive experience with art and creative direction.

She is passionate about fine character development and has quickly made a name for herself in the game development industry. With a background in working on artwork for local bands and experience from several advertising agencies, Bárbara has honed her skills in 2D design and concept art development.

Bárbara Montesano, an illustrator and character concept artist avatar

She is a creative visionary who pushes the boundaries of creativity with her team, breathing life into the vivid ideas behind the cute and formidable inhabitants of the AniMate world.

Bárbara is an inventive idea maker capable of building immersive worlds and bringing AniMate creatures to life. Her journey through unbound ideas has been both challenging and exciting, and she continues to push herself to new heights in her pursuit of artistic excellence.

Check out her story in an in-depth interview below:

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