Meet the Player Episode 4: Masscar

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5 min readOct 27, 2021


Welcome everyone to the fourth episode of “Meet the Player”

Today I invited Masscar from Team Giants, one of the wealthiest players right now on the track. Masscar thanks for making time for us.

Could you tell us more about yourself?

Hi, my name is Wayne, I’m from England, UK I’m in my early 40’s and married with 3 young children. I have a manual job but my hobbies and interests are Crypto investing, watching football (Soccer) and now thanks to Trade Race Manager online NFT car racing. I have been investing/trading in crypto since July 2017 when I first discovered what Cryptocurrency was online, at the time I had saved up a few thousand $ and was looking for a home/small business idea or investment opportunity. I spent many hours at night researching which crypto would be best to invest in at the time, this was just before the crypto boom of late 2017 when many prices were still very low, in the end, I chose XRP but being new to the crypto world and thinking I knew how to trade I sold it all for another coin just before XRP then x10 in the next month. One thing I have learned in crypto so far is that if you have done your homework/research into your chosen project, team, road map, etc, and really believe in it then hold as if I had done that I would be quite rich right now.

When did you first start playing Trade Race Manager?

I started playing TRM about July 2021, I was just looking on Twitter and someone who I don’t even know had put a post on there saying people should check out this ‘exciting’ new online game called ‘Trade Race Manager’ as it looked great and the token $IOI was ready to the moon.

What made you invest in the game?

So after checking out the TRM Website for myself, doing lots of research, reading the whitepaper, and asking lots of questions about TRM on the telegram group I was happy to invest and buy the full set of gold ‘Epic’ NFT cars especially when I realized I would then also get the Epic ‘Rare’ car for free and the great daily staking rewards of $IOI you receive.

How much time do you spend playing daily?

I currently play TRM about 12–14 hours a day on my smartphone on repeat just changing the fuel selection a few times throughout the day from what’s recommended on the premium fuels. I work full-time Monday-Friday so I try and keep my phone nearby at work so I can quickly press the repeat button every 10 minutes or so, sometimes when I’m too busy at work I may miss being able to press it for every race but I try and enter as many races as possible throughout the day. I have managed to get quite a few good results some days just by doing this. If I have time in the evening I sometimes get the laptop out, get multiple charts on screen and try to be a bit more accurate predicting what fuels to use but 90% of the time I race using just my phone so I really hope TRM2 is smartphone friendly and still has a repeat button when it comes out. At weekends when off work I still manage to play on repeat as much as possible but also spend lots of time with my family.

How much $IOI do you make daily in TRM on average?

At the moment, most days I make anywhere between 25–40 IOI daily from just racing in the 30 IOI races every 10 minutes, I also earn 11.3 IOI daily in NFT staking rewards. I don’t take part in any of the daily NFT tournament races at the moment as they are on when I am commuting to work and back but as DennBroMM has shown recently it is possible to do well sometimes in the daily tournaments just by pre entering cars even without changing fuels.

What is one thing that you would want to add in Trade Race Manager?

I would have liked it if the NFT staking rewards were still available on all car purchases for a bit longer. I am really looking forward to when TRM2 is released and what exciting updates it will bring with it including the ‘Brain’, ‘Activity bonus’, ‘car rentals’, and much more.

Could you tell us a tip on how to become better at the game?

I am more accurate at choosing fuels when able to have multiple live charts on screen in front of me and have even managed to take all top 5 position finishes in some races when doing so, but as I said earlier I am unable to have the time to race this way very often so I rely more on premium fuel suggestions and the repeat button to get lots of small wins throughout the day which soon add up.

Who do you think is the Best Trader in Trade Race Manager in the community?

Farat seems to be very good at reading charts and predicting which fuels to use so would have to say him at the moment but there are lots of good racers right now including our very own Giants team superstar racer Meradil and our team manager Cryptodeal5 also ALT team member ClayWTF is very good so competition is very strong at the moment and I’m sure that will only increase as more racers join and with ‘The Brain’ update coming soon also helping to level the playing field.

What would you like to say to the community?

Hey, Everybody. I would just like to say thank you for making this community the friendliest, most open, and the helpful group I have been a part of in my 4+ years in Crypto. You, the racers help to make this game so enjoyable. I have also never seen a projects team so helpful, hardworking, passionate, and open to questions, from the CEO Rastislav though to the many helpful Admins available 24/7 and everyone in-between, QORPO really are leading the way in how crypto/NFT/ Online Gaming companies should be run. Well done everyone and keep up the great work.

Now let’s get back to racing!

Once again, thank you to Masscar for making time for us. The next episode will come out soon. What did you think about this interview? Leave your comments in the chat.



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