Meet the Player Episode 2: farat

Welcome everyone to the second episode of “Meet the Player”

Today I invited farat from Team ALT, one of the best players right now on the track. Farat thanks for making time for us.

I am in crypto since 2013. Web developer by original profession, now full-time crypto investor and trader. The first crypto I bought was NXT. I spent about 100$ on it and day traded it to 20 000$ in a couple of months. I could make about 100 000$ by just holding, but you never know, right? My account was even blocked for two weeks for a security check because the admin couldn’t believe it is possible to earn so much just from 100$.

Since then I have experienced almost everything in crypto: sold bitcoins at 200$, bought Ripple at 0.03$, losing millions on margin and futures trading, making x100 on different coins, mining zcash, mining Ethereum, running Cardano pools, losing money on endless scams, etc.

I registered at the beginning of August 2021.

I was subscribed to Venly Discord and saw the news about the TRM project. Cars were looking nice and prices were intriguing, so I decided to try.

I like to trade and TRM gives you such opportunity without any risks of losing money on trades, so the game looked perfect for me.

I play 7–8 hours per day on average.

About 200 IOI thanks to legendary cars and NFT tournaments.

I want Tesla NFT to be deleted from the game.

They shouldn’t. Don’t join Team ALT! (says jokingly)

ClayWTF and me.

Hold $IOI until major exchanges listings. Very good chances for us to go at least x10 from current prices.

Once again, thank you to farat for making time for us. The next episode will come out soon. What did you think about this interview? Leave your comments in the chat.



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