Meet the Player 9 : Riteshcpn

Young and ambitious TradeRacer who takes TRM as a big opportunity

Hello TradeRacers!
Welcome in the next episode of your favorite Meet The Player serie.
Today we are going to talk with Riteshcpn from the Team Giants.

Hello Riteshcpn, tell us something about yourself. Who you are, where are you from and what do you do in real life?

Hello, my name is Riteshcpn. I am from Jharkhand- India and I'm 25 years old. I'm a student also a website developer, editor, trader. In January 2021 I got interested in crypto trading and when I started, many scammer come to me and scam my some money. But after that I met with Guruji they help me any side and tell about me the TRM project. So I joined in TRM and buy some NFTs.

When did you start to play Trade Race Manager and what was the reason?

I started play TRM game last 6 months ago. At the beginning I only enjoyed staking rewards but when I heard news that TRM game increases prize pool from 10 $IOI to 30 $IOI, I started race too and I earned from that. TRM is mainly the future opportunity for me so now I'm playing continuously.

How many $IOI can you earn daily?

At the moment, most days I make about 25–35 $IOI daily by racing in the 14 IOI races every 5 minutes. I also earn 5 $IOI daily by NFT staking rewards.

What are your best TradeRacing tips for best racing?

I just want to say to new players who start TRM — you should check the charts of coins volatility. If you not check the volatility, then you should pick XTZ,ZIL,MATIC,VET,ENJ…I am using this coins only for many times in TRM.

What would you add into the game?

I would like to add extra login rewards. This would be helpful for all new and old players.

Are you excitited about TRM2 project? Will you race in TRM2 or will you stay at original TRM?

Yes, I am very excited to TRM2. Hope it will be very interesting game to play.

Who is your favorite TRM racer?

My favourite TRM racers are Meradil, Cryptodeal5, Prince and Denbromm.

What would you say to TRM community as motto?

Hold $IOI until major exchanges listings. Very good chances for us to go at least 20X from current prices. Hope it should surprise as Axie infinity soon.

Thank you Riteshcpn for your time and amazing interview! Wish you all the best with your TradeRacing and also in your personal life. Thank you to our amazing community for supporting us with this inspirational serie of interviews. See you soon next week!



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