Limited Citizen Conflict NFT Collection for Free on Magic Eden - Become the Citizen

Lock your spot in Alpha 3.0, tournaments, and airdrop chance.

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Limited Become the Citizen Magic Eden NFT collection

Citizens, we are approaching Citizen Conflict Alpha 3.0, a brand new release widening the horizons of gaming possibilities. To make the most out of the upcoming gaming fever, we have partnered with Magic Eden, bringing you the enhanced generation of the Citizen Conflict NFT avatars — Become the Citizen Magic Eden on the 8th of August.

Why such a bold move?

We want all of you to own your inner hero and land upon the Ether Islands well-geared. The previous Become the Citizen collection sold out in less than a minute. How about rewarding you with the revamped set of new NFT hero avatars? We bring you 5 new villains of Ether Islands to rule social media!

Become the Citizen Magic Eden Utilities

They do not just look great. Your new NFT opens a whole new world of possibilities in competitive gaming. Get your free NFT, pay only a tiny Polygon minting fee, and enjoy instant access to every Citizen Conflict Alpha release, leverage your digital presence on social media, and get a chance for an unprecedented $QORPO airdrop.

  • Citizen Conflict Alpha Access

Gain immediate and universal access to every Citizen Conflict Alpha release. Play, hone your skills, and vie for big prizes in the upcoming esports tournaments.

Alpha Key — an exclusive Citizen Conflict alpha test access
  • Upcoming Tournament Access

With the success of the initial esports tournament, Citizen Conlift aims to bring the follow-up. Become the Citizn holders will be eligible to vie for valuable prizes. The last tournament’s prize pool reached the $10,000 mark.

  • High NFT Rarity

Become the Citizen Magic Eden is a limited collection of NFT avatars coming in 2500 pieces, each equipped with multiple variables, making every single NFT of the collection unique and second to none.

2500-piece NFT avatars collection Become the Citizen Magic Eden
  • Incredible Digital Presence

Step up your social media game with the one-of-a-kind avatar of a Citizen Conflict hero. Show your support for the game and be recognized as an honorable citizen of Ether Islands with all the perks your citizenship grants you.

Become the Citizen Magic Eden NFT avatars as profile picture on social media
  • $QORPO Token Airdrop

The rumor is true. $QORPO Token is about to be listed before you see it coming. Become the early $QORPO holder for free with a generous airdrop chance. The more pieces of Become the Citizen NFTs you own, the bigger you chance to feast big.


The best part? The hero you own is yours forever. Show it off and let everyone know that you’re a full-fledged citizen of the revolting world of Ether Islands.

Brand New Set of Citizen Conflict Heroes

In this collection, we are offering overall five new heroes, some of which you’ll be able to test in Alpha 3.0. From the well-known, battle-scarred faces to ones yet to be experienced, we bring you the following squad to enrich your social media presence.

  • Thunder

He might not have a hammer, but his lightning strikes just as hard. Mannerly, well-spoken Chief Officer in the front — sadistic, maniacal psychopath in the back. Thunder is a proper Metropolitan psycho. Come night; he will storm the city.

Thunder from Become the Citizen Magic Eden NFT Collection
  • Lutra Page

She was born to be raised by nuns just to become a stripper. Soon enough, Lutra learned every foul trick of a lady in service. Now she’s a reckless mercenary. Despite her enticing looks, Lutra will cut your balls off.

Lutra Page from Become the Citizen Magic Eden NFT Collection
  • Vigo

Some stories are more lurid than others. Vigo’s tale is a disaster. Born to a hooker and sold over, he’s now on his way to inflict his pain on others. He has lost his eyes, but his new sight gives him special powers.

Vigo from Become the Citizen Magic Eden NFT Collection
  • Karma

Karma is an ambitious, corrupt, and greedy b*tch. Besides her twin Fang, she barely shows respect to anyone. Karma is most famous for her remarkable career in the armed forces before she got kicked out on the dusty streets for her foul practices.

Karma from Become the Citizen Magic Eden NFT Collection
  • Fang

Fang is a highly regarded ruler of the lower districts. He paved his way up with cruelty, blood, and sh*t. Fang is supportive of his loved ones but brutal and uncompromising when it comes to his steady position at the forefront of his gang.

Fang from Become the Citizen Magic Eden NFT Collection

Start Earning Points From Day First to Win

Citizen Conflict Alpha 3.0 will drop a few days after Become the Citizen sale kicks off on Magic Eden. The new release, however, will shuffle the cards. All the alpha test participants are welcome to plunge in from the day first and earn in-game points.

The sooner you start playing, the more likely you will reach the top of the leaderboard. There are massive prizes waiting for the peak once the alpha test ends. So don’t hesitate to swagger your Become the Citizen avatar before everyone else. Plug into the game and be the first to leave your mark on Ether Islands. A huge prize will come your way.

Exclusive Whitelist for QORPO Box Drop

Not enough utilities? Get ready for the exclusive whitelist. We plan to bring the most valuable mystery box to date, its contents spanning all perky NFTs we are to issue. The most powerful Citizen Conflict hero? Your first AniMate? Fistful of in-game gear? Nothing is too much in the upcoming QORPO Box.

Every Become the Citizen NFT holder can apply for the whitelist; only the stars and their constellation will decide who’s lucky to get whitelisted. Ready to seize your chances? Before getting your NFT avatar, fill out this form:

Become the Citizen NFT whitelist for QORPO Box

How to get your NFT avatar? Get eligible for the airdrop

As soon as the 8th of August comes, head over to Magic Eden and claim your free NFT avatar from the limited Become the Citizen collection. There will be only 2500 pieces available!

Move your newly purchased NFT to your QORPO ID account and become eligible for all the advanced perks your Citizen Conflict hero conveys.

ATTENTION: Become the Citizen holders who don’t migrate their NFTs to QORPO ID / QORPO Market won’t be eligible for the airdrop. Wonder how to do so? Here’s a quick guide on how to get started with QORPO ID.




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