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Enjoy Gamified Trading Experience Powered by Collectible NFTs

KuCoin hosted an AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) session with IOI Corporation’s CEO Rastislav Bakala and CMO David Achberger in the KuCoin Exchange Group.

Official Website: https://www.traderacemanager.com

WhitePaper: https://traderacemanager.com/assets/docs/Whitepaper-IOI-Final.pdf

Follow IOI on Twitter and Telegram.

Q&A from KuCoin

Q: Please briefly introduce your project. I am certain our community will be very interested in learning about IOI.

Rastislav: Yeah, let’s go.

The first of many games is called Trade Race Manager. It’s a collectible NFT trading game, Play2earn together with NFT, creates multiple ways of income.

Gameplay is based on real crypto market data. Virtual crypto is used as a fuel for all cars. Racers’ position in the race depends on crypto performance in real-time he chose as a fuel for the car.

IOI wallet is also a working product closely connected with the TRM platform. Users can use the same login credentials to get into the wallet. It‘s a safe storage for NFTs and cryptocurrencies with unique access to trading pools.

Game: https://traderacemanager.com

Wallet: https://ioi-wallet.com/user/home

We are also working, if maybe a little bit expressive — Game of the year 2021 in the whole crypto industry CyberTrade and open marketplace for all of our assets with top influencers from Central Europe and pop stars.

David: CyberTrade is coming.

CyberTrade $IOI

Rastislav: Open marketplace as well.

$IOI NFT Marketplace

Q: Please let us know about your background and your role in the project. Also, introduce the rest of the core team members.

Rastislav: I’m the CEO and co-founder (founder) of the IOI Corporation. I am an enthusiastic professional looking for a challenge and inspiration for my growth. I am eager for the new challenges in the new emerging financial services of fintech and blockchain with a unique passion for the gaming industry.

The core of the team are professionals from different business industries like finance, marketing, design, etc., and our common characteristic is that we are all crypto enthusiasts with many years of experience in corporate banking and management. Now is the time to build a strong brand for gaming and marketplace in the crypto industry $IOI.

David: I come from a brand-building, stocks, and FX trading background. Since I have discovered crypto, I have been fully taken over the idea of decentralized finance and monetary power that is redistributed back to the people. We all know crypto and blockchain technology is the way for all future digital projects on top of NFT and real digital ownership. IOI gave me the tools to really build something great with the best team in the crypto space.

Q: What are IOI Token utilities?

$IOI Token Utilities

⁃ Purchase NFTs with $IOI Tokens in the marketplace

⁃ Monthly BUYBACKs

⁃ Huge In-game rewards

⁃ On-chain Staking

⁃ NFT drops for holders

Discover all $IOI Token utilities at: www.ioi-token.com

#IOIArmy #RichArmy #NFTs


Rastislav: We are now working hard for the HODL program for any market condition. We want to build a game and token ecosystem for any market condition. That’s why we support the community with monthly revenue buybacks. We already bought 450k $ from the market and are now working on another buyback.

Key token utilities:

⁃ Purchase NFTs with $IOI Tokens in the marketplace with trading fees

⁃ Monthly BUYBACKs

⁃ Huge In-game rewards

⁃ On-chain Staking

⁃ NFT drops for holders in game or in personal on-chain wallets as MetaMask, Trust Wallet

Our buyback program highlights that IOI is different from 99.9% of crypto projects. We have revenue, and we use it to support our community. This also shows our team’s firm belief in our native token’s prospects and shows company success will reflect in token’s success.

Q: What is the new Trade Race Manager game plan about?

Rastislav: This is part of the new GAME PLAN introduction. All about NFTs, guaranteed prize pools for holders, no bets, and up to 13,000% APY.

We are going to break the industry.

50% of the total NFT supply burned, making our NFTs more unique.

And now about details:

The new game plan will be rewardful for NFT holders for whom we are preparing races every 10 minutes where you can win IOI tokens for your trading skills and just for holding NFTs. That’s why we also prepared special NFT bundles of our partners.

Our new update will be free to play. You can join a race with a free non-NFT car and enter a race. But if you hold NFTs, you can get multiple rewards of up to 600%. The main idea is to build a profitable ecosystem, free to play with education about trading and NFTs to give access to many scholars to start learning about crypto and earn $IOI tokens to get free scholarships or jobs which they will love.


Trade Race Manager Game Plan

Rastislav: The main target is to sell NFTs, use revenue as a buyback for $IOI tokens from the market, and as a prize pool in games for players to create a perfect ecosystem with the potential to attract millions of traders and gamers.

IOI is where trading meets gaming, the two most successful sectors in crypto.

Q: What are the reasons to hold IOI?

David: Not just $IOI, but our NFTs are getting better every month. We try to push the boundaries with each update. We are making revenue from day one even without listed tokens, and now we are focusing on beating the bear market with high-quality products to really show the longevity of the IOI Team.

We have a really strong team with in-house development, 3D designers, Unity developers, a marketing team, gamers, and we are growing every day.

Backed up by the biggest VC in crypto and with own capital for the next 10+ years of development.

You can find all the active ads on YouTube, Facebook, Google, and others. We work on doing things differently, which you will see in the upcoming days. That’s what we are really looking forward to giving back to our community and supporters that have been with us from the beginning.

Rastislav: 95% of these NFT projects will be dust in 12–24 months. Just collectibles, without real use cases and with capital for a few months. This is what will make the difference between IOI and others.

Q: Are there any events or competitions coming up with IOI Token?

David: We got something prepared. Starting the 1st of August. Keep an eye on our social media (https://twitter.com/IOI_game). More details really soon.

Special IOI Competition

Q: What is the special NFT Bundles program about?

Rastislav: NFT Bundles is a special program where you can get a special unique NFT avatar and car of one of our partners. Getting the bundle is a key to have staking and reward bonuses while playing the game. You can increase your daily income by 8,600% APY.

Special Limited NFT Bundles

Your Crypto Hero Awaits!

Hurry Up! Only 100 pieces left!

Get your #NFT Crypto Hero with his custom #NFT car in our super limited bundle.

Increase your daily income thanks to 8,600% APY.


#IOIarmy #RichArmy #NFT


David: We started with Polygon, which had great success in the Polygon community.

Q: Why should I have a premium membership?

David: Having a premium membership gives you power and all possibilities of benefits of the NFTs and game plan. You can benefit more from the game and get the rewards. We have a special offer for 1-year membership where you get an NFT avatar, NFT car, and a 30% discount on premium membership. All this for 420 IOI. The normal price without the offer is 1,300 IOI.

All users who will own premium membership will be eligible for our competition in August.

Rastislav: Membership in a team represents membership in a trading group — you will get all of the advice from your teams, managers, and owners. Daily tips for your race, so you will have a better chance to win as well. It’s part of the in-game community we are building.

$IOI Official groups





Telegram Channel: https://t.me/IOIGAMES

IOI Apps: https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=IOI-TEAM

Twitter: https://twitter.com/IOI_Game

Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/IOITraderacemanager

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsTeWAlQBKErsyYYy31WfVQ

Medium: https://traderacemanager.medium.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ioigame

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/IOI_GAME

BitcoinTalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5238997.0

Whitepaper: https://ioi-game.com/docs/Whitepaper-IOI-Final.pdf

IOI Tokenometrics: https://ioi-game.com/docs/Tokenometrics-IOI.pdf



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