Karma: New Hot Crypto Citizen NFT Drop

4 min readJul 6, 2022


NFT Drops continue with Karma. Last time we offered you the first next-gen gaming NFT of Tonhy “Blinder” Messina that sold out pretty quickly and now its floor price is at least 5x higher. Our community loved this drop, and that is why we decided to come up with another one. We bring you, Karma.

Karma then

Karma is Dyor’s twin. They were born to a single mother that would’ve had a lot of problems raising them no matter what, and being born to Vaporwaves, things were just not good. They both learned how to steal from a very young age, and Dyor soon joined gangs. Karma didn’t want that. She always wanted a big career, and she loved dominance and violence, so she joined the military forces as soon as she could.

Quickly she grew in rank, and arrogance. She became corrupt and was doing shady business with her brother, stealing huge amounts of CCASH from the military. Her fall was sudden and devastating. Colleagues jealous of her success and affluence plotted to bring her down, and hired an assassin, none other than Tonhy Messina. She escaped only thanks to an early intervention from her brother. Now Karma is on the street as well, doing dirty jobs for CCASH, growing in power.

Karma now

Now Karma is a part of the Midnight Syndicate. She is arrogant, power-lust, unforgiving, manipulative, vengeful. She loves dominance, violence and power, but also loves her mother and brother. Those are the closest people in the world for her, would do anything for them. Karma doesn’t give a damn about opinions of others, and she is very confident.

Only 100 Karma NFTs will be available for sale on the QORPO Market on July 7, 1 PM UTC, at a price tag of $250 in IOI tokens. Karma is a special interoperable NFT that can be used throughout the whole Crypto Citizen ecosystem, including Drag Races and Illegal Street Fights mini games, Hero Shooter Citizen Conflict, and finally the open-world Metaverse.

Karma NFT has an epic rarity and was made with Chainlink’s VRF technology to distribute all the attributes uniquely and fairly. Karma has a unique ability that is called Decoy, which allows her to create a hologram of herself as a decoy to confuse enemies and destroy them all at once with her gadget.

Her gadget is an incendiary grenade that she throws and causes burn damage to enemies while standing on it and a short time after. You can use Karma for the most immersive gaming experience pretty soon and earn CCASH at the same time, or simply resell for profit on our QORPO Market.

NFT Summary

Syndicate: Midnight

Origin: Citizen Conflict

Rarity: Epic

Interoperability: All mini-games and Metaverse

Skill technology: VRF

Ability: Decoy

Gadget: Incendiary grenade

How to get Karma NFT

1. Register on QORPO Market

2. Buy $IOI tokens

3. Join the sale on July 7, at 1:00 PM UTC

IOI/USDT KuCoin: https://www.kucoin.com/trade/IOI-USDT

IOI/USDT Gate: https://www.gate.io/trade/ioi_usdt

IOI/BUSD PancakeSwap: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap

Why Karma NFT?

Karma is the answer for your gaming lust. It’s one of the first next-gen Crypto Citizen NFTs with a very limited quantity and loaded skill sets. Moreover, it might be a chance for you to be among the first people to earn CCASH or make profit by flipping this NFT. Karma is coming.

About Crypto Citizen

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