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Words won’t do justice to the excitement we feel after releasing our anticipated Citizen Conflict Alpha 2.0. Along with new maps, heroes, and a completely reinvented game mode, we bring the biggest banger to the table— a series of sponsored tournaments!

Everyone can get a share from esports now!

To allow everyone to participate in the competition, we partnered with our trusted sponsor, Qtum Foundation, an instrumental part of an iconic blockchain development platform Qtum.

Thanks to the Qtum Foundation’s generous donation of $10,000 for the tournament's prize pool, we can proudly introduce three tournament categories: Guild Wars, Influencer Wars, and Comunity Wars.

Starting on the 24th of May, you still have a chance to join us in the most epic tournaments on the blockchain.


Guild Wars — PRO Esports Team vs. Web3 Gaming Guilds

With the overall prize pool of $6,000 for the Guild Wars category, we are stoked to kick the Alpha tournaments off with the battle of esports teams against the gaming guilds.

We are eager to reward the four leading teams:

1st prize — $3,000🥇
2nd prize — $1,500🥈
3rd prize — $1,000🥉
4th prize — $500!🏅

Attention! — We are delighted to see your support for the Citizen Conflict Alpha 2.0 tournaments, with the Guild Wars' capacity pushing our limits. If you still feel like you can’t miss it, feel free to enroll your guild or esports team nonetheless. Contact us via our official Twitter page, and we will get back to you.

Take a look at the Guild Wars contenders!

Influencer Wars — Teams of Influencers and Content Creators

In the Influencer Wars category, we look forward to seeing some prolific content creators and game streamers putting their survival skills to the test in the fight for the $3,000 prize pool.

We will witness the ultimate fight of influencers leading their teams through the battlefield, with the three top-performing teams pocketing amble prizes:

1st prize — $1,500🥇
2nd prize — $1,000🥈
3rd prize — $500🥉

Are you an influencer, content creator, streamer, or gaming enthusiast with a following? Great! Feel free to join the Influencer Wars. You can either put together your own team of 5 players or let us create a team for you. Contact us on our @citizenconflict Twitter page, and we will get back to you asap.

Community Wars — Casual Players, regardless of the skill or following

After we test the limits of professionals, content creators, and influential gamers, we won’t leave out our dedicated fans, followers, and friends.

In Community Wars, we invite anyone willing to take on the challenge to compete for their chunk of the $1,000 prize pool.

How to make it in? Sign up for QORPO ID, lock your Alpha Key, or ask for one on our Discord server if you don’t have one. Download Citizen Conflict, and play.

You can already start earning points in the gameplay and climb up the leaderboard. Every kill you deal grants you 100 points, while a successful assist will leave you with 20 points.

The TOP 10 community players will be invited to fight in the 5v5 match for real prizes. The best part? Everyone wins!

1st prize — $350🥇
2nd prize — $200🥈
3rd prize — $100🥉
4th prize — $80
5th prize — $70
6th prize — $60
7th prize — $50
8th prize — $40
9th prize — $30
10th prize — $20

How to get started and play Citizen Conflict:

Citizen Conflict Alpha 2.0 Introduces 5 New Heroes!

Tunkas: An Assault Class hero with a Dash ability, allowing him to speedrun for a short duration.

Thunder: A Support Class hero able to throw Thunderbolt grenades that stun enemies and deal additional damage.

Min Hae: A Medic Class hero gifted with a special ability enabling her to cast a protective shield

Zodiac: A Specialist Class hero equipped with a jet pack, thanks to which he can fly for shorter distances.

Sakura: A Specialist Class hero who can make herself invisible for a few seconds.

Citizen Conflict Alpha Game Mode — Takeover

We are stoked to Introduce “The Takeover” game mode, an exhilarating new twist on the Conquest. This highly competitive gameplay emphasizes the importance of team synergy, tactical prowess, and strategic coordination within the hero classes. The objective? To seize control of the majority of locations on the map and establish dominance over the entire battlefield. Prepare for an intense blend of combat action, where bullets rain and battle cries echo.

In “The Takeover,” players aren’t just spectators; they can actively participate by signing up to play. The game’s latest Alpha 2.0 version pits two rival teams against each other. Each round commences with both teams positioned on opposing sides of the map, devoid of any control locations under their influence.

The round concludes when one team reaches 1000 points. Points are accumulated through enemy eliminations and the capture of control locations. The best part? Respawning doesn’t penalize the team in any way, keeping the momentum flowing.

Within each map designed for “The Takeover,” multiple control locations are scattered strategically. Corners house locations A and C, while location B sits at the map’s central point, serving as the epicenter for intense combat encounters.

Take Over New Maps: Airfield & New Pressburg

The Takeover is the Citizen Conflict’s new twist on Conquest game mode. The goal is to take over as many control points on the map as possible. Captured strategic locations and eliminated enemies give your team points, while respawning doesn’t penalize your team. The first team to reach 1000 points wins the round.

Your team will have to endure the punishing heat of the Airfield’s construction site merged with the military base and the futuristic image of the cyberpunk Bratislava — New Pressburg.

Airfield Control Points

  • Fuel Storage — A
  • Hangar — part B1
  • Hangar — part B2
  • Aircraft Yard — C
  • Control Tower — D

Airfield Teaser

Ready to take action? Delve deep into the military base merged with the destitution of the construction sites lost under the blazing sun. Airfield calls to be explored.

The hangar waits with its jaws open, the Oterlands’ mines breathe with the sinister buried within, and the industrial brutality imposes that crippling sense of imminence- a call to survive. Do you have what it takes to plunge into the madness of the Airflied?

You’ll have to endure the heat, face the heavy machinery, and outclass your enemies before they beat you down to the torrid soil. One of the most uncompromising Citizen Conflict maps yet challenges all the brave citizens to stand their ground.

New Pressburg Control Points

  • Slovak National Parliament — A
  • Bratislava Castle — B
  • Radio Station (The Inverted Pyramid) — C

New Pressburg Teaser

Pressburg is the historical name of the City of Bratislava, a Slovak Capital. In 2101, as a phoenix, Pressburg rose anew in a faraway land of Ether Islands, albeit in a kind of different fashion.

The new attire of Bratislava brought what the city was always all about — an amalgamation of brutalist Soviet shapes and the glowing lights of the futuristic architecture surrounding a cozy historical center. And the river below, as a canvas, reflects the sparkling glow of city lights blended with the fathomless stars above.

The outcast settlers from the heart of Europe couldn’t quench the urge to reminisce the splendor of the smallest, though cozy metropolis upon the Danube River. Thus, they made their home in their own way on Citizen Conflict’s Ether Islands.

Poseidon Hotel Map

In our latest Citizen Conflict version, Alpha 2.0.2., we introduce a brand new map, visually in line with the futuristic slant on cyberpunk aesthetics. So symptomatic of New Pressburg’s sleek, neon-lit designs, Poseidon Hotel upholds the overall tone of Citizen Conflict’s artistic direction in graphic design.

Take a jump on Citizen Conflict’s Ether Islands and win in the tournaments

Still don’t have your QORPO ID account? Get one for free in a few simple clicks here. There’s still time to go straight into the esports tournaments unparalleled in web3.

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