$IOI Token Airdrop: 1,000,000 Tokens Distributed — Ready For Another Round?

Shout Out To Winners: Top Traders, Game Reviewers, Community Activists, Lucky Draws

2 min readMay 22


$IOI Airdrop Announcement

On March 23rd, we launched the biggest $IOI token airdrop yet. The rules were simple. Calling all our users and followers to assemble, we rewarded the ones most active on QORPO Market. Climbing up the ladder of TOP sellers, reviewing and rating games, as well as crypto and NFT deposits, earned you points for the most abundant airdrop in the history of the $IOI token.

Furthermore, we decided to distribute 10% of the airdrop among random users who hold at least 100 $IOI tokens.

The involvement paid off with the generous shares in the winners’ pockets.

$IOI Community Boost & Token Distribution

The support for our NFT marketplace QORPO Market was unbelievable. The community engagement exceeded our humble expectations and resulted in the exciting TOP sellers’ section updates.

The participation was incredible:

The TOP sellers board got filled with ones up for the dare:

It was tight; the pursuit was hot:

The competition ended on April 14th, with all the lucky winners feasting on their share. We are honored to announce that the prize has been successfully distributed.

We already sent the airdrop to their wallets. On the other hand, with the incredible increase in volume to 1,5M, we are far from being done here. The ultimate $IOI feasting is yet to drop.

Have You Missed This? Another $IOI Airdrop Is Near…

Can’t see yourself on the list? We got you. Missing out on the most prominent $IOI airdrop ever might be quite disappointing.

The good news is that this is not over, but rather the start.

Another bigger and more abundant $IOI airdrop is on the way. As unbelievable as it might seem, we are eager to bring everyone a chance to feast on the $IOI tokens in the upcoming airdrop.

Keep your eyes open. We will announce the details soon enough.

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