Instagram Challenge: Embody The Citizen Conflict Heroes For Weekly Prizes!

2 min readMay 9


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to become a Citizen Conflict hero? Just don’t! Embody one instead with our brand-new Instagram filters and win $20 twice a week.

Citizen Conflict heroes Instagram Challenge
QORPO Game Studio team as Citizen Conflict heroes.

With new filters of Tunkas, Smiler, and Sakura, you have a chance to take over Instagram and bring your piece of Ether Islands on social media.

How to get in and win with Citizen Conflict hero Instagram filters?

We want you to have at least as much fun with our new Instagram filters as we had. Go out, explore your area, and find the most exciting places around. Ready to take action?

Share them with us! Take a selfie spiced up with one of the Citizen Conflict hero filters and tag @citizenconflict in your Instagram story.

We will randomly choose one of the entries each Tuesday and Thursday for a $20 prize.

Guess who this is! You already know this guy, I believe.

Ready to top this?

Going the extra mile is worth it!

Do you feel like being inventive? Boost up your chances! We will appreciate the exceptional content and reward it on top of the random picks.

Shoot a short video, capture the outstanding place in your area, or add a creative caption to entertain our audience.

Since we value uniqueness, don’t feel chained by what you might think we are looking for. Be funny, bold, and witty — just like the heroes themselves.

Get ready for Citizen Conflict Alpha 2.0

Don’t just post it and ghost it. Sure, this is an excellent opportunity to have fun with Citizen Conflict heroes. However, the real deal is our currently running alpha test of Citizen Conflict.

Starting next week, we are going to run prize pool tournaments anyone can join. Sign up to QOPRO ID to get access and fulfill the daily tasks, and you’re welcome to compete in the tournaments for the overall prize pool of $1000!

Check out what to expect in the current release of Citizen Conflict here.

Get your QORPO ID in a few simple steps for free below:

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