How to make 10 000 IOI a month as a Team Manager & Owner with Trade Race Manager

how to make 10 000 IOI monthly

We have briefly touched on the token utility topic and how you can earn with us as an affiliate in the previous blogs; hence if you have not read it, please do it now as there are many ways to leverage your trading or networking skills.

The goal is to connect the traders and gamers communities, and that is precisely why you should build the teams in Trade Race Manager as a next-level step. Let’s dive into this topic today and explain how you can earn passive income like an owner or manager of the team.

Make The Team And Build The Empire

You can become either a team manager or team owner. Let’s have a closer look at these two possibilities.

As a team manager, you will get the following capabilities:

  • Create your trading strategy for racers in your team
  • Get 10 % from each premium member — 5 IOI
  • Premium members get added value from daily tips, premium fuel, and much more daily tasks
  • The maximum team capacity is 1 000 members
  • You need to hold 1 000 IOI to become a manager

The capacity of your team is highly dependent on your activity. The manager can make on average 500 IOI a month, but he can make even 5 000 IOI if the team is complete. His team members also rank the team manager. There is a vital community aspect.

As a team owner, you will get other advanced capabilities:

  • Hire the managers to build and lead the racing teams
  • Get 20 % from each premium member — 10 IOI
  • The maximum team capacity is 1 000 members
  • You need to pay 1 000 IOI to become the owner of a team.

The owner can make on average 1 000 IOI a month, but he can climb up to 10 000 IOI if the teams are full of premium members.

Teams As Non-Fungible Tokens

Do not forget that teams you own are also NFTs. Therefore, the owners are motivated to hire the best managers to get the highest possible NFT team price on the market. You can buy the teams as NFTs here. The team value is dependent on the number of premium members, hence more members higher the value of the team.

trade race manager racing teams

There are currently seven teams ready, and either you can buy yourself the other one and build a community or join the existing team.

How much can I earn as an Owner or Manager?

Let’s make a simple example and calculate your possible income using the following premium members variables, as shown in the chart below. Just a reminder, the team owner gets 20 % and the manager 10 % from premium memberships.

According to the calculations, you can earn from 250 IOI tokens every month as a team manager or 500 IOI tokens as a team owner with 50 premium members on board. Considering this, the NFT team price in IOI is very low.

The value of your earnings in $ can vary in time. The Trade Race Manager NFT game plans are very positive, as explained in the token metrics article, and the public listing price is 0.4 $ with market evaluation below $ 1 mil.

As you can see, the IOI token has many opportunities to leverage its utilities and your skills. We are going to publish another blog related to premium members’ benefits. If you do not like to read, enjoy watching the video blog version.

Moreover, the IOI Corporation is building a whole ecosystem called IOI World and plan to add even more.

Stay with us because this is just getting better.

Do not hesitate to contact us on the links mentioned below if you have any questions or read the official whitepaper.

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