Gone in less than a minute: Exclusive Crypto.com NFT Collection “Become the Citizen” exceeded expectations

Limited 500-piece NFT drop tempts holders with premium utilities

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Yesterday, on the 31st of May, at 1 pm UTC, we sealed the last day of the month with a long-awaited NFT drop exclusively on Crypto.com. Despite our humble expectations, the raging demand of NFT enthusiasts, Citizen Conflict fans, and studio supporters blew our minds.

The entire collection of 500 pieces vanished just 39 seconds after the drop!

Limited Become the Citizen NFT collection sold out in less than a minute

No supplies right after the “Drop is Live!” announcement

Despite the pride that flooded us with such unbelievable success, we also felt a tinge of disappointment. Just why? Right after we tweeted the post announcing the drop on Crypto.com, our mailbox and Twitter messages exploded with needy and scant frustrated demands.

That’s when we learned that the entire Become the Citizen NFTs supply is hopelessly sold out.

How did we make it? Merging a sense of urgency with fun

Besides unquestionably remarkable utilities, we put seasoned Become the Citizen NFT drop with a bit of fun to go with it. Right, having access to Citizen Conflict, Tournament pass, and great $QORPO token airdrop chances going along with the exceptionally high rarity value of your NFT is fantastic.

But the fun element shuffled the cards.

We let our Citizen Conflict characters announce the drop, urging our followers and fan to become the Ether Islands heroes on social media. Adding a bit of storytelling, the entire project gained new layers.

The traded volume soared to over $5k in just a single day, with almost 200 owners of these unique NFTs. Don’t have yours? Just go ahead to Crypto.com and buy one.

Get ready for another such drop soon…

We are not done here. Following up on the wave of remarkable reception, we are preparing for another NFT drop. Your chance to put your hands on a valuable Citizen Conflict collectible, brimming with special utilities and captivating designs, can become a reality sooner than you think.

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Last, but not least, make sure to have your QORPO ID ready to go. Citizen Conflict is accessible only through your unique ID, which offers plenty of benefits on top.




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