Exploring Outerlands: The Mine Area

At last, the most gruesome piece of Outerlands is buried way below the torrid ground.

Outerlands’ mines feed and eat local citizens alive. People simultaneously hate and thank the mining industry. If it weren’t for the mines, they would surely starve with empty bellies. Now, they can slowly be eaten up by inhumane drudgery, their bellies half-empty with shitty scraps some dare call food. Dig in, for mines indeed call for some deep digging.

The Heart Of Outerlands Has No Heart

The biggest and the most prominent part of Outerlands is the mines. Korpo syndicate made sure to take coal, ore, and metal extraction over sooner than anyone could interfere. The mining production supplies all the rest of the island, so there are some really big bucks earthed underneath the Outerlands’ soil. Unfortunately, all the money goes upstream, to shinier districts, while only pennies are left to feed the poor.

The life expectancy of mine workers in Outerlands, according to studies, plummeted below… Fuck it! There ain’t no studies in Outerlands. Just a braindead grind, torture, and death. And life expectancy just ain’t good.

God, life just sucks — if you could only call it like that. Just take a quick look around. Tell me what you see. Here, a stray dog is chased by rugged kids. Poor kiddos, their dinner just vanished in the gap between the rocks. Over there, starved scavengers are taking apart rusty metal garbage. And right under your feet, somewhere in the deep darkness of mines, the used-up zombies are toiling away another shift in the suffocating gorge of death.

Sometimes, They Bring In More Than They Take Out

Fortune for many, a disaster for more — the mines, especially some of their secret tunnels, also serve other purposes than one would think. This thriving business was invented as a side hustle by a witty offspring of Outerlands’ miners, a malicious crook named Tony.

He was a troublemaker, a disillusioned son of the poor mine workers who could barely afford to feed him. Tony had to make a living on his own quite early in his life. And Tony wasn’t the one to succumb easily, nor did he curb his creativity to conventional ways of income. Well, the conventional equal dead in Outerlands.

As Tony grew up, he found a passion for street fights and robbery. As he trod in life, the bodies he left behind started to pile up. There were good chances that sooner or later, authorities would get him. But his upbringing prepared him for such obstacles.

He knew the mines underground oh, so well. Why not turn this horrid place into a profitable business? Soon enough, Tony ‘Blinder’ Messina not only started to hide the bodies of his own victims there, but he also started to use the darkness of mine tunnels as a repository for corpses for his partners in crime. Just like a real estate agent, Blinder commenced renting the hideaways within the mines, so nobody would ever be found again.

Sure, this venture opened Tony's door to a better life… and a career as a professional combat master.

The Final Outerlands Chapter — Get Ready For More

Ether Islands’ Outerlands are finally explored. It was a wild ride down gloomy memory lane. Many Citizen Conflict characters’ bitter fates are woven into Outerlands’ torrid soil. But regret not. Citizen Conflict heroes don’t need your sympathy, they need your cool.

Prove your Outerlands survival knowledge in the Twitter poll this Friday in the comment section, and we will randomly choose the last winner who will get the VIP pass to Citizen Conflict Alpha 2.0 whitelist. Stay tuned for more; the rest of the Ether Islands is about to be disclosed in great detail soon. Just hit the follow button on our social media and sign up for QORPO ID, so you never miss out — Citizen Conflict is closer to release every day.




QORPO Game Studio is the Next-Gen game developer with end-to-end solutions for blockchain gaming industry.

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QORPO Game Studio

QORPO Game Studio is the Next-Gen game developer with end-to-end solutions for blockchain gaming industry.