Exploring Outerlands: Old Airport

…Funny how this place of high hopes turned so foul and abandoned.

This is where the first settlers arrived. Can you see it? That far-reaching stretch of Airport right below the hill. Here it is. Here all those naive newcomers came to flee the Terra government and seek the elusive promises of a fruitful future. Yes, you can see it. And what you see right now is nothing like what it used to be. All those desperate kids and poor scavengers tearing apart rusted wrecks of abandoned aircraft… and the sun blazing up above eating their withering lives away. The Airport wasn’t meant to look like that.

The Bright Future Taken Away

They came, mischievously lured by the web of propaganda and lies. Ether Islands had to be the ultimate place of liberty. The New World. Needless to say, it never happened that way. As soon as the early days’ inhabitants put their feet on the sun-tortured ground of Outerlands, they realized that the dream they came to live might as well be a nightmare.

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A broad desert spreads to the far horizon, and it really seems that there even isn’t any. In a way, this impression appears to be true. At least, there really was no horizon for a bright future. Most of the newcomers died immediately. Hunger, heat, and wild animals ravaged a good deal of early settlers. However, some others quickly learned how to thrive. They were the most reckless villains the old world had chased away.

A Beacon Of No Hope

As ‌time passed, Old Airport became a sour reminder of the buried opportunities and wasted lives. Nowadays, only the most desperate individuals roam its vicinity in the hope of scavenging the little usable material that’s been left here. And there’s also another such scavenger whose intentions are kind of different.

Back in Terra, he was known as Eugene Brooks. Later on, he was known to barely anyone since ‌most of his acquaintances ended up being taken apart. The Doctor really liked was he saw when the first glimpse of Outerlands’ inhospitality opened its arms. A grave for many, a whole new spectrum of opportunities for The Doctor.

And the Old Airport wasn’t just an entry for The Doctor. He likes to return a lot. Even after he moved to South Moon to enrich Hackhunter’s with his well-seasoned medical expertise, Eugene Brooks frequented the airport until this day. There’s so easy to catch some lost, godforsaken human wretch. And The Doctor loves to help. He is always eager to rebuild the fragile shells of waning bodies into something much more sublime.

Keep Exploring The Outerlands To Win Your VIP Spot On the Alpha 2.0 Whitelist

Today, we lead you to the miserable arms of the Old Airport. Next time, we will show you around the Military Base, so forlorn yet so prolific piece of Outerlands’ territory. Stay tuned for the next chapters in Outerlands’ exploration, and show off your survival knowledge in the comments section under Sunday’s Twitter poll. We will choose one of you who answered correctly. 2 VIP spots in ‌Citizen Conflict Alpha 2.0 are still free to be claimed. Let’s stay in touch on our social media channels. Generous giveaways and competitions are on the way.

See you in the Outerlands!



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QORPO Game Studio

QORPO Game Studio is the Next-Gen game developer with end-to-end solutions for blockchain gaming industry.