Exploring Outerlands: Oasis

…little solace this oasis brought to the hearts of the desperate. And the chaos kept on devouring Outerlands.

Locked between the constant tumult of the mines and the abandoned airport, the little piece of untouched land spreads. The only spot amid the Outerlands’ inferno that holds at least some source of water adorns the surrounding desert with palms, a small lake, and a tiny clearing splattered with patches of sun-eaten greenery.

Explore the Outerlands — Oasis

Do you understand now why this place isn’t really a dreamland? Well, you should because the number of horrors taking place here is nearly innumerable. You better find out here than on your own flesh.

The Water That Brought Destruction And Death

Outerlands is a sad story. Poverty, exploitation, early graves, and the all-consuming sun above. Well, and the villains. Shit-loads-of-villains. While factories and mines were already occupied by the Korpo syndicate, long before the Midnight and Hackhunters came to be, water was still waiting to be captured. And the only place that contained such a valuable commodity was the oasis, carefully hidden in the middle of Outerlands. The clash of unbound powers started soon.

The first suitors of Oasis were no one else, but the feared and reckless Midnight syndicate. If it doesn’t belong to Korpos already, Midnight ganglords will make sure to claim it for themselves. This time around, however, it didn’t work that easily. Many workers rose up against exploitation, and a reliable source of water was their only hope. Many lone wanderers tried to scrap the piece of Oasis. And even more have perished in the vain struggle. Soon enough, there seemed to be more blood than water in the pool.

Looks nice? Well…

Amid The Bloodshed, A Sullen Hermit Seeks Vengeance

Against the odds, the Midnight syndicate had a hard time conquering this piece of lone land. The riotous workers also couldn’t hold their positions for too long. Sometimes, a stand-alone wanderer found temporary shelter in the vicinity of the Oasis. Not for long, either. The palm-surrounded lake has thus become a grave. The war over water seemed endless.

One day, a group of blood-soaked bastards settled in the shade of trees in a clearing near the lake. They came to the feast, enjoy the loot, and reminisce over the good times in the village. Well, now a burned-down smudge. Many victims have met sour fates in the hands of these bloody villains. And once such a victim refused to let matters be. This heavy-forged loner has been set to hunt the murderers down for years. Living in a recluse, a hunter of few words has been honing predator skills.

Tunkas lurks before he strikes

And here they were. Cheering, laughing, and yelling songs of profanity. They didn’t notice. The first arrow hit out of nowhere. Following arrows commenced raining in a split-second. The party was gone, and ravishing torments broke out. The bastard hiding in the shadows of the night didn’t mean to kill. Not yet. He was meant to cause immense pain. And, for that matter, he was damn good a that.

After a while, when the group of rogues began snaking through the grass in excruciating tortures, he plunged at their contorting bodies. He clawed at their throats and bit at the soft tissue. He swallowed the flesh and gulped the blood…

…only the torn-apart bits of brutalized flesh and the contents of their guts left adorning the clearing. Tunkas beheld the magnum opus of his revenge. His vacant eyes smiled. He considered the vengeance sealed.

Tunkas slowly walked away, just to roam the uninhabited lands alone for the rest of eternity.

From afar, the lighthouse peaks above the Oasis.

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Next time, we will delve into the darkness of the Outerlands’ mines. The most lurid stories of Outerlands are probably buried within the grim tunnels below the scorched soil. Keep your eye on the stories and prove your survival knowledge in Sunday’s Twitter poll. We will randomly select one of the commenters who answered correctly. The winner will get a spot on Citizen Conflict Alpha 2.0 whitelist.

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QORPO Game Studio is the Next-Gen game developer with end-to-end solutions for blockchain gaming industry.