Exploring Outerlands: Military Base

…so forlorn, yet so prolific, Military Base haunts every citizen of Outerlands.

Unlike The Lighthouse or the Airport, Military Base dawned upon Outerlands much later, after the first few waves of the Ether Islands’ newcomers had already settled in. Not that Outerlands would be short of horrors, to begin with, the newly built Military Base cemented the inherent misery of this god-forgotten corner of the world and escalated the growing tension.

Welcome to the Military Base.

Let’s take a peek into this horrifying stronghold that haunts ‌poor citizens, not only in their dreams. Well, many questionable ‘heroes’ were forged by this place of blood and tears…

..and it reflected a great deal upon their morals.

A Dawn Of New Regime In Outerlands

As the countless hordes of clueless Terra refugees commenced flooding the Outerlands’ shores, the initial chaos that formed the Ether Islands soared up. In no time, the shores were drowning in ‌‌the blood rather than the crowds of ambitious settlers.

Those who made it in, were likely to end up slaving in factories and mines. On the other hand, many others tried their hand at ‘entrepreneurship’. While there weren’t many resources to do business, all of the businesses were already taken over by Korpo syndicate, shrewd up-and-coming tycoons made resources out of what appeared to be in abundance — fellow citizens. From man-trafficking and forced labor to supplying body parts to mercenaries and cyborgs began to bloom.

Thus, the revolutionary visionaries of Ether Islands reinvented HR to fit the demands of the new market. The oppression kept on increasing steadily, and the blades of social scissors widened as never before. The ragged slaves and the newfound royalty needed a third party to make mends.

A Sunset Of Morals, Tomorrow’s Troops

Staring at the big screen from their comfy homes in Metropolit City, the magnates of Korpo syndicate did not like the new direction of Outerlands. First of all, the shadow economy caused their profit to dwindle. Secondly, the turmoil kept messing up labor. To restore the original system, they decided to set up a military base right in the middle of the Outerlands.

In a little while, the armed troops put almost everyone in order. While the oppression of unbound gangs subsided, completely new forms of terror started to take shape. The soldiers acted like gangsters themselves. Why would you follow the commands of someone who lives so far away in the glamor of a big city? For that wage, no one really.

Today, the Outerlands’ military base doesn’t pledge allegiance to any flag or leadership. The platoon set out to repress the criminals, have soon become criminals themselves, but far better organized and armed. Not even the Midnight syndicate could control the activities of the military base. Thus, the base, as well as its vicinity, became abandoned and avoided. Yet still, the prolific hum of combat engines and ammunition is so present there.

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This week, we walked you through the old, abandoned airport and the erratic military base. Keep your eye on the Citizen Conflict Twitter channel because as soon as this Sunday, we will put your survival knowledge to the test. We will share a short snippet from this week’s Outerlands locations. The randomly chosen correct answer in the comments section will be rewarded a free VIP spot on the Citizen Conflict Alpha 2.0 whitelist.

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QORPO Game Studio

QORPO Game Studio is the Next-Gen game developer with end-to-end solutions for blockchain gaming industry.