CyberTrade Metaverse Mystery Boxes Coming Soon

Dear community,

good times ahead! CyberTrade Alpha test coming soon with mystery boxes! So much exciting news is to be discovered and those who get in first will benefit the most!

A Peek Inside of the Game

You will be able to choose your fighter in CyberTrade. Each character of the City of Metropolit has different genetic skills and elements which affect their strengths and weaknesses compared to the others. These skills are automatically generated right after you buy your Boss.

Mystery Boxes Coming Soon

CyberTrade is ready to release mystery boxes very soon. These non-fungible tokens will be released in cooperation with Binance NFT. Stay tuned to get more information soon.

$50,000 Bounty

Join the biggest CyberTrade bounty on Bitcointalk for $50,000! Just check out the rules, take part and win! Follow the rules and fight for the ultimate prizes.

New Investment Partner For CyberTrade

Newave has done a strategic investment in CyberTrade. Due respect to the high-end GameFi experience presented by CyberTrade, Newave determined to partake in a long-term partnership. Exciting journey ahead.

About CyberTrade

CyberTrade is an NFT based game built in full 3D Unity engine with its own Metaverse. Dominate the city in this revolutionary Play2Earn NFT metaverse with your crime syndicate and become the Boss of all Bosses!

CyberTrade Important Links

CyberTrade Web | CCASH Web | CT Twitter | CT Telegram | CT Discord | CT Instagram



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