Crypto Citizen’s Metaverse In Progress

2 min readMay 9, 2022


Hey QORPO fam! Crypto Citizen is currently running in the testing phase and we would like to share some important updates with you.

💻 Crypto Citizen Development Update

Crypto Citizen is being built in the amazing Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) to deliver the best gaming experience even for the most demanding players. Have a look at our latest development in the video below.

💰 $3,000 NFT Giveaway

Join our new weekly giveaway with Hero Galaxy for an NFT worth $3,000! But hurry…it ends soon!

😮 Crypto Citizen Social Signal

Crypto Citizen ranked as the 5th blockchain game with the highest social signal in the last 7 days according to Coin98 Insights, above Axie Infinity!

🤩 Crypto Citizen Lobby

📰 QORPO Market News

Find out more about NFTs with QORPO Market! Did you know that the NFT technology can be used to authenticate watches? Well, now you know!


QORPO is an international company & gaming studio with 100+ employees focusing on web 3 and connecting gaming with blockchain, cryptocurrencies and NFTs. QORPO is a metaverse leader in central Europe currently building the most complete ecosystem with 4 products to be fully live in 2022 — Trade Race Manager 2, Crypto Citizen, QORPO Market and QORPO ID.

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