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Win up to 400 IOI daily on average with the best NFTs!

Dear players,

Adrenalin August is this month’s theme, and the IOI universe is getting a lot of new attention. Many great things are ahead of us, so let’s rewind.

We made a vital decision and did something epic! We have burned 90% of all NFTs in Trade Race Manager! Saying goodbye to them was hard, but thanks to it, the whole new era is here.

Okay, so we burned most of our cars. Yes, we did it, but no, we aren’t sorry about it. You ask why? It is a decrease in supply but an increase in rarity in a colossal way! Every rare NFT will make you and your racing special. Just imagine that day when there will be no more current cars in our market, but you will have some of them in your car portfolio. Rare enough?

Suppose that you don’t have a budget for it, no worries. The price of a rare NFT isn’t higher than before, so we guess this is an excellent deal.

We’ve got another bonus for you as an owner of NFTs. Maybe you don’t know it, but the reward system with NFTs is game-changing. Let’s compare it with a non-NFT reward system:

Would you like to earn IOI tokens just by owning NFTs? No problem. You need a classic NFT, and a staking function turned on. With the best possible rewards, entry to all tournaments, and stake!

Let’s look at how many IOI tokens you can earn daily:

These numbers are insane.

But pay attention! The staking function is limited! Every car bought until the end of August will have staking forever. NFTs purchased from September will have no staking function! So don’t think too long and take the last chance for staking! Grab one of the NFTs and earn!

Plus, we have good news for all players. As we increased our rewards, 10% of racers in every race get rewards. Racing with Trade Race Manager pays off.

And this is just the beginning! A more extensive reward system is coming soon!

Get your NFTs today and join the gaming revolution with $IOI!

As we burned 90% of our NFTs, we decided to come with some new limited NFTs. Cars were worth 100 IOI, but only ten of them were available this time. There will be 100 minted in total. A price increase comes with every new drop, so act quick next time. You can join every type of race, including the Tesla and NFT tournaments, with the same rewards as Common NFTs, but no staking.

With these NFTs, you can earn up to 144 IOI daily, with average players gaining 25 IOI every day and, on top of that, 128 IOI prize pools in daily NFT only tournaments.

The next drop is coming soon, so keep refreshing the market.

Now some news from the world of the IOI token.

The IOI token continues in a healthy structure that can keep up with the primary growing trend. Every week we watch an attempt to break through the channel, which will always hold the price for now. IOI can create a new maximum with each shot, which is a good sign for chart development.

We don’t look back unless we want to see how far we have come. The comparison of three months ago and today is fantastic! Let’s look at the progress:

Rewards increased 3x

Our followers increased by 70%, from 25 000 to 85 000.

The user base increased by 665%, from 32 000 to 213 000.

Sessions increased by 800%, from 52 000 to 417 000.

The race starts increased 1160%, from 59 000 to 685 000.

Pageviews increased by 1295%, from 346 000 to 4 480 000.

These numbers are impressive, and what’s the best, this is just the beginning!

At IOI, we work hard to be better and better every day and constantly push our limits further. We believe that we will soon break through the stratosphere!

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