Citizen Conflict’s New Pressburg: Cyberpunk Bratislava Is Taking Shape In Dystopian Future

Big things are expected when history is so strong it manifests itself in the future.

Pressburg is the historical name of the City of Bratislava, a Slovak Capital. In 2101, as a phoenix, Pressburg rose anew in a faraway land of Ether, albeit in a kind of different fashion. The outcast settlers from the heart of Europe couldn’t quench the urge to reminisce the splendor of the smallest, though cozy metropolis upon the Danube river. Thus, they made their home in their own way on Citizen Conflict’s Ether Islands.

The Terra government expelled many citizens of former Slovakia, who also found shelter on Ether Islands. In strife to reinvent the grandeur of their Capital City, a New Pressburg started to take shape. The new attire of Bratislava brought what the city was always all about — an amalgamation of brutalist soviet shapes and the glowing lights of the futuristic architecture surrounding a cozy historical center. And the river below, as a canvas, reflects the sparkling glow of city lights blended with the fathomless stars above.

Beyond The High-Rise Towers, New Pressburg Stands Tall

In the open world of Ether Islands, 10 districts are spread across the vast land. The Shills, an up-and-coming business hub, dwells under the hill where New Pressburg was built by early settlers from the heart of Europe. Well, before the stagnancy of Terra-enforced regulations pushed them out of their homeland of Slovakia.

Citizens left, but the patriotic spirit remained. That’s why, soon enough, the cornerstone of Bratislava castle found its place on the tallest hill, spiring high above the business district of Shills. Shortly after, the UFO tower bridged the river, and the inverted pyramid, a former Slovak National Radio building, rose from the ground to serve the same purpose, albeit in a different way.

It didn’t take long for the Korpo syndicate to realize the immense potential of the shining pyramid, inverted just like their twisted propaganda. New Pressburg, in the end, became the center of Korpo-appointed, shall we say, truth-weavers. And the newcomers started flooding in. Still, more people wanted to taste the glamor of the newly built Bratislava. Its new form, indeed, lured so many hopeful citizens into the arms of this ultimate cyberpunk wonderland.

Glimpse At Concept Arts Of Cyberpunk Bratislava

Currently, we are working hard to do justice to the home city of our game studio. First, concept arts are swarming in to take the shape of the New Pressburg. Just look at the famed UFO bridge.

Work in progress — the UFO taking shape

And this is where the Korpo-designed propaganda is being woven. The inverted pyramid is as uncanny as it gets.

Concept art in progress — inverted pyramid

There wouldn’t be New Pressburg if not for the fabled castle. This beauty will dwell high up on the hill, far above The Shills district.

Work in progress — Bratislava Castle

The Futuristic Image Of Bratislava Will Come Alive Soon

Although we wish it would be tomorrow, in all honesty, it will take some time to bring cyberpunk Bratislava to life. It’s definitely not an easy task to do justice to a city we know and love. New Pressburg, however, is being worked on relentlessly. Stay in touch, we will be announcing new updates on work in progress and the storyline soon. In the meantime, let’s read the interview with our environment artist, who’s bringing New Pressburg to life.

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QORPO Game Studio

QORPO Game Studio is the Next-Gen game developer with end-to-end solutions for blockchain gaming industry.