Citizen Conflict Tournaments Results

Double Champ to Claim it ALL — Shout out to Eternity Clan!🏆

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After a month of intense battles and competitive inferno, we proudly seal the Citizen Conflict tournaments with Guild Wars and Influencer Wars winners. It was our honor to host the most furious esports event on the blockchain, backed up by 34 leading teams of contenders and sponsored by the Qtum Foundation.

Guild Wars Winners — $6,000 Prize Pool

In the Guild Wars tournament category, we beckoned the top web3 guilds to enter the arena and face pro esports teams.

The feedback was great, and in no time, we filled the Guild Wars capacity with the most renowned names in web3 space and gaming. After several bloodbaths, we finally crowned the aptest survivors whose fighting prowess outclassed their peers.

Top Four Guild Wars Contenders

  • 1st prize: Eternity Clan
  • 2nd prize: Necessary Evil
  • 3rd prize: Geekz Energy
  • 4th prize: Blockchain Space

Influencer Wars Winners — $3,000 Prize Pool

Besides the clash of professional gaming legends, we poised content creators and influencers to prove their gaming expertise in the arena.

We welcomed the most influential gaming content creators and their teams in the Influencer Wars tournament category. Gaming influencers fared surprisingly well in the gale of heated metal. After a month of battle frenzy, we can confirm the winners!

Top Three Influencer Wars Contenders

  • 1st prize: Eternity Creators
  • 2nd prize Web3 Degens
  • 3rd prize: Degen Legends

Time for Community Wars: get your spot and fight for prizes

On top of the Twitch-streamed tournaments of pro players and compelling teams of influencers, we set ourselves to involve you, our community!

We teamed up with Qtum Foundation to bring you moments of action, adrenaline, fun, and big prizes. We are eager to organize one final Citizen Conflict match for the TOP 10 players on the Citizen Conflict leaderboard.

We endorse Community Wars with a $1,000 prize pool; everyone involved will win a share. You still have two weeks to rise in ranks and step up your Ether Islands domination in the leaderboard.

To access the game you need to lock Alpha Key in your QORPO ID.

In case you don’t have any, worry not! We offer exclusive Citizen Conflict access to all “Become the Citizen” NFT holders. Head over to, grab one, and take it straight to the throne of the Community Wars tournament!

Get yours, starting at $9 only:




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