Citizen Conflict Proved To The Balthazar DAO — A Community Giveaway And In-Depth Research

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We are excited to see the in-depth review of Balthazar DAO, a highly regarded, spot-on, somewhat harsh, but always fair blockchain game researcher. How did Citizen Conflict fare in the eyes of web3 specialists? A little hint — if the game sucked, Balthazar DAO would be much less enthusiastic about teaming up for the special giveaway…

Citizen Conflict and Balthazar DAO NFT giveaway

Citizen Conflict Background Scored 8.5 Out Of 10

The game lore, storyline, and the setup of the persistent open world of Ether Islands won favorable recognition with its 10 diverse playable districts. Balthazar DAO also highlighted the inventive storyline revolving around civil unrest, a dystopian future, civilizational challenges, and the formation of a revolting society in a new world.

Moving forward with the game modes, syndicates, and gear, Balthazar DAO concludes that Citizen Conflict offers diverse and immersive gameplay and suggests that it truly has the potential to live up to the benchmarked ambitions. Speaking of gameplay, let’s take a look at the first impressions review of the early alpha test.

NFT Game Assets And Whitepaper Of Citizen Conflict

Right from the start, Citizen Conflict got commended for its strong focus on the onboarding of web2 players into the web3 space. Thanks to the ease of use and easy-to-grasp UI of the traditional web2 environments, players can truly play Citizen Conflict without ever noticing they just stepped into the blockchain-based waters.

Going forward, Balthazar DAO highlights the nature and goals set in the whitepaper and roadmap. To achieve all the goals, Balthazar DAO acknowledged the professional background and the industry expertise of the QORPO team members. You can watch the review in the video below.

You can also read the comprehensive Balthazar DAO research on Citizen Conflict, which attributed the game assessment with 8 out of 10 score points.

Read the full review here:

Balthazar DAO And Citizen Conflict Giveaway

Not only were we honored to receive positive feedback, but we teamed up to reward the community with a special NFT giveaway. Just join us on Twitter, like, retweet, and follow @citizenconflict and @balthazardao to win 10x Karma, a Citizen Conflict hero NFT along with a 15x Citizen Conflict Alpha 2.0 whitelist pass.

Citizen Conflict:

Balthazar DAO:

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