Syndicate Wars: Citizen Conflict Has An Open World Now!

Embrace the chaos and shape the rules you don’t follow but determine.

Citizen Conflict has evolved dramatically since its early beginnings in April/May of 2022. Starting as a completely different game under the moniker CyberTrade, several major changes followed to fulfill the ambitions it is aiming at now — an open-world MMO shooter, Citizen Conflict.

Delve Into The Persistent Open World Of Ether Islands

Although the alpha test suggested that Citizen Conflict would be more of a traditional battle royale shooter, it is going to be much more than that. We set ourselves to bring you the best of both worlds. While the main mode of Citizen Conflict will take place in the vast open world of Ether Islands, players will also be encouraged to fight in what we call esports modes — deathmatch, team deathmatch, and conquest in ‘closed maps’.

The Syndicate Wars: Team Up Your Squad, Choose Your Syndicate, And Rule!

The main mode for Citizen Conflict will be ‌Syndicate Wars in an open world. Stemming from the basic principle of Conquest or Capture the Flag, we brought the same dynamics to the persistent open world stretching across the whole Island.

The gameplay finds three antagonistic syndicates in a constant struggle over dominance on Ether Islands. Ether Island has 10 main districts, each with several strategic points. The goal of every syndicate is to capture as many such locations as possible. The bigger piece of Island your syndicate controls, the more experience points you get. Thus, you can look forward to better equipment, skills, and vehicles to expand your voyage for ultimate dominion.

But don’t fall into complacency. No matter how dominant your syndicate will be, other players will surely be restless in an effort to rob you of your glory spot.

Citizen, Choose Your Syndicate Wisely.

The Syndicates of Ether Islands are not just basic ordinary fractions, so choose wisely. Korpos, Hackhunters, and Midnight — all differ in their backgrounds, social standing, and abilities. Quite naturally, the rough punks of Midnight won’t have much in common with Korpo’s shirts and ties.

There’s still some hidden order beyond the syndicates…

Korpo Syndicate — The Legacy Of Old Money

From their home at the gargantuan monolith of Metropolit City, Korpo syndicate rules over every money-making asset of Ether Islands. The legacy of old money is what Korpo really is. The group of rich families, big bankers, lawyers, brokers, and white collars of all kinds. Korpo syndicate magnates are apt dictators, and the fact that chaos doesn’t favor morals helped them pave their way to the very top of the social pyramid. Are you a calculative sociopath whose emotional range fits into financial reports and greed? Fasten your tie and roll your sleeves up, for Korpo syndicate longs for the ones of your kind.

Motivations and values:

Resources, Political control, Power, Profit

Passive effect:

Wealth: Players receive a bonus when controlling all the points in a single district, allowing them to acquire resources (vehicles, equipment) at a lower cost of -50% from the original price.

Hackhunters — Deranged Tech Geeks

Standing aside from the glamor of the rich and the misery of the starving, Hackhunters are a bunch of tech-savvy geeks hiding in the shadows. They are the evanescent wraiths of Ether Island’s underground. Hard to be spotted, yet still, you can see their traces everywhere. Their work leaves palpable marks on those who dare to face them. They found a home in the toxic environment of the Southe Moon — once a theme park, now the poisonous shithole of poignant air, Hackhunters made it a theme park again, this time in their own image. Hackers, neuroscientists, biochemical engineers, as well as many other autistic lunatics, saw the huge potential in connecting humans with AI and tech with flesh.

Motivations and values:

Technology, Science, Knowledge

Passive effect:

Networking: They receive a 10–40% credit bonus for gaining resources when controlling multiple bordering strategic points that create one network. The more points they control in a row, the higher the bonus is.

Midnight Syndicate — The Royalty Of The Night

Self-proclaimed royalty of the night — all the worst abominations of civil manners found common shelter. Whaleland, an erratic urban jungle of blue collars, rats, and filth, these bastards call home. Rugged rebels, rogues, punks, and gangsters raised their fists against power. Midnight owns the brothels and strip clubs, they control the casinos and organize street fights. Are you hungry for outright violence, have no patience for subtle moves, and the turmoil of the low-class streets makes your blood simmer with adrenaline and joy? Look no further, the scum of Midnight syndicate keeps the door open.

Motivations and values:

Survival & Loyalty

Passive effect:

Urban domination: Taking over points in urban areas takes 25% less time to the Midnights. They also get a credit bonus of 25% for buying resources for each urban point they control.

To Be Is To Conquer, To Conquer Is To Be Free

While syndicates on Ether Islands restlessly fight for dominance to attain liberty, we give you the freedom to choose right from the start. It’s all up to you which hero you choose to master and which syndicate you join. Choose wisely, for the future of Ether Islands is all in your hands.



QORPO Game Studio is the Next-Gen game developer with end-to-end solutions for blockchain gaming industry.

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QORPO Game Studio

QORPO Game Studio is the Next-Gen game developer with end-to-end solutions for blockchain gaming industry.