Citizen Conflict Development Update: 2.0.4 — July

New Game Map | Hero Abilities | Weapons | Destructibles

2 min readJul 7


Citizen Conflict is back with the latest version, Alpha 2.0.4. We are proud and honored to walk you through another layer of the Citizen Conflict experience — more optimized, balanced, and seasoned with many new features, such as a brand new map, abilities, and animations.

Citizen Conflict Development Update Alpha 2.0.4

Every day we’re heading closer to the full release, and the most recent version is a great manifestation of our rapid progress.

New Alpha 2.0.4 Features

Welcome to the new map, master new abilities, and explore a multitude of gadgets. In the freshest addition to gaming maps, Elite Enclave, we introduce a zipline, plenty of destructibles, and alluring designs.

Citizen Conflict now also comes with new visual effects, such as explosions, smoke walls, and shooting patterns.

  • New thunder ability called Ground Slam
  • Added brand new zipline
  • A new map called Elite Enclave
  • A new secondary weapon called Decon
  • Destructible covers, windows, and some walls
  • Added grapple hook for all of the heroes as a movement ability
  • Overall improvements to current abilities
  • Thunderbolt grenade added as a gadget

Visual and Sound Improvements

Visually, Citizen Conflict is cementing its position as a blockchain shooter with top-tier graphics and visual effects. Have you glimpsed it during the tournaments? We are once again a few steps further into visual perfection.

  • New VFX for explosions, smoke, gadgets
  • Reworked visuals for the weapons
  • New sounds for capturing the control point
  • Added unique spray patterns for each weapon
  • General Animation Improvements
  • New loadout screen
  • New low HP overlay in UI
  • Red outlines to distinguish enemies

Gameplay Optimization

We are stoked to deliver more balanced gameplay and highly optimized performance. Since the day first Citizen Conflict saw the light of day, the gameplay is getting more captivating each month. Take a look below. Or rather, head over to your QORPO ID and try it out yourself.

  • improved shooting balance
  • Option to choose server region — Asia and Europe
  • Added more sensitivity options for better experience + Damage direction widget
  • Added scopes for snipers
  • Improved hit reception
  • Network optimization
  • Performance optimization




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