Citizen Conflict Alpha 3.0 is LIVE— Squad up your team to fight for $3,000

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Citizen Conflict Alpha 3.0 has been officially live since this Sunday (the 20th of August) and keeps amazing us with a whole new contribution to the competitive gaming experience. Along with six playable heroes, three top-tier maps, a plethora of weapons, and specific hero classes to leverage team tactics, Citizen Conflict brings back Community Wars and introduces Team Wars.

citizen conflict alpha 3.0 team play tournament

Technical enhancement through specific abilities and arsenal tied to certain classes opened up a vast horizon of opportunities. It results in top-notch team play and a separate leaderboard for teams. Learn more about the ongoing tournament here.

How to Make a Team and Fight for Prizes

We have introduced two separate leaderboards. One counts your personal ranking while another one counts your team’s ranking.

Individual Leaderboard

Here you can see your team’s points:

Team Leaderboard

In both the Community Wars and Team Wars segments of the Alpha 3.0 tournament, there will be a prize pool of $1,000 set aside for each category. Recognition will be given to the leading 30 players in the Community Wars, while the top 5 teams in the Team Wars will also be rewarded. The distribution of prizes will adhere to the guidelines outlined in the provided table.

For the very first time, the Alpha 3.0 season brings a collaborative gaming experience, allowing you to form teams that range from a solo powerhouse to squads of up to ten members. By gathering your formidable squad, you can now compete in the Alpha 3.0 season as a unified force.

To create your team, head over to the “Team Leaderboard” section of your QORPO ID. Look for the “Create Your Team” option situated in the lower right corner of your screen. There, you’ll have the convenience of searching for players, extending invitations, and assembling a dedicated group of players.

Create your Team

After clicking on “Create” button, choose your team’s name and continues to browse players’ nicknames and send them team invitations.

Once you confirm the choice of your team’s name, you can invite players by clicking on the “Invite” button.

You can browse the nicknames of all the players in QOPRO ID.

The prize pool for this season is an impressive $1,000. However, only the top fiveteams on the leaderboard will lay claim to their share of the prize. Progressing up the team leaderboard is straightforward. Each player on the team contributes towards the overall points tally in every match played. Importantly, team members are not required to engage in battles together to amass points. The points each team member earns in their individual matches will collectively determine the team’s position on the leaderboard.

Similar to the setup in Community Wars, teams will earn points throughout the duration of Alpha 3.0, right up until the end. The ten teams with the highest rankings will be rewarded from the prize pool, distributing their well-deserved portion.




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