Citizen Conflict Alpha 2.0 Report: Stats, Tournaments, Future Release

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Over the past year, we managed to develop Citizen Conflict from scratch to the game-ready Alpha 2.0 release, powered by the first round of esports tournaments. Despite the odds and hiccups, the progress has outperformed our expectations, and here we are. Bridging the gap between competitive gaming and blockchain technologies with Alpha 3.0 on its way.

Now it’s the time to put Alpha 2.0 to well-deserved sleep and roll our sleeves up for the upcoming version.

Citizen Conflict Alpha 2.0– $10,000 Tournament, 4 Updates, 35 Teams

Since its initial release at the end of this April, the current Citizen Conflict Alpha release has gone through four major updates, building up the action and gameplay immersion.

Compared to Alpha 1.0, Citizen Conflict Alpha 2.0 enjoyed a significant boost in numbers besides a palpable quality improvement.

How did it fare through the esports season?

Citizen Conflict Alpha 2.0 Statistics
  • Over 70k+ views on TWITCH
  • Over 100+ hours streamed
  • 10K+ players
  • 20,000+ hours played
  • 60+ content creators
  • 3 tournament categories
  • $10,000 prize pool

Citizen Conflict Development Updates Recap

Let’s recap the updates Citizen Conflict has gone through in the course of the last two months:

Alpha 2.0.1

Citizen Conflict update recap
  • 2 Game Maps
  • New Game Mode — Takeover
  • 5 featured heroes
  • In-game animation updates
  • New in-game UI
  • New weapons
  • User view movement
  • New sound design and in-game voicelines
  • Upgraded visual effects
  • Match-making
  • Early tournaments infrastructure
  • Introduction of AI-powered NPCs

Alpha 2.0.2

Citizen Conflict Alpha 2.0.3 New Map Poseidon Hotel
This update brought new game map — Poseidon Hotel

Gameplay Dynamics Improvements:

  • Sprint movement optimization
  • New pulsating hit marker
  • New animation for Sakura’s special ability
  • Weapon updates and improvements — mainly bullet dispersion of assault rifles and pistols

UX/UI Improvements:

  • Citizen Conflict Dashboard animations and visual updates
  • Text added after every kill
  • Bits of UX writing, such as server info added to users resolve issues
  • New “Pick your side” option with enhanced UI

Bug Fixes:

  • Double roll issue fix
  • General animation improvements and bug fixes

Alpha 2.0.3

Citizen Conflict Development Update 2.0.3 — Alpha 2.0 Version

Gameplay Tweaks

  • Improved overall game performance
  • More balanced and optimized maps
  • Added option for ADS sensitivity
  • Movement speed optimization — slowed down to provide for smoother gun fights
  • Further gunplay tweaks — more balanced shooting trajectory and recoil
  • play tweaks — more balanced shooting trajectory and recoil
Let our game designer walk you though.
  • Frag grenades have been nerfed (from 100 to 70 dmg)

Design Tweaks

  • General camera fixes
  • New dashboard background
  • New pistol animation

Character Improvements

  • Higher level of control over characters during airtime
  • More balanced Thunder’s special ability Thunderbolt Grenade:
  • Greatly reduced damage — from 50 per tick to 15
  • Flash effect duration and range buffed
  • Cooldown prolonged from 3 seconds to 15 seconds

Alpha 2.0.4

New Game Features

  • New thunder ability called Ground Slam
  • Added brand new zipline
  • A new map called Elite Enclave
  • A new secondary weapon called Decon
  • Destructible covers, windows, and some walls
  • Added grapple hook for all of the heroes as a movement ability
  • Overall improvements to current abilities
  • Thunderbolt grenade added as a gadget

Visual & Sound Effects

  • New VFX for explosions, smoke, gadgets
  • Reworked visuals for the weapons
  • New sounds for capturing the control point
  • Added unique spray patterns for each weapon
  • General Animation Improvements
  • New loadout screen
  • New low HP overlay in UI
  • Red outlines to distinguish enemies

Gameplay Optimization

  • Improved shooting balance
  • Option to choose server region — Asia and Europe
  • Added more sensitivity options for better experience + Damage direction widget
  • Added scopes for snipers
  • Improved hit reception
  • Network optimization
  • Performance optimization




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