Become the Citizen Magic Eden NFTs Gone in 10 Seconds — What to do Next?

$3,000 Prize Pool | $QORPO Airdrop | Citizen Conflict Alpha 3.0 Access

2 min readAug 9


Hey, citizens! We proudly announce the awe-striking success of our latest NFT sale on Magic Eden. Brand new Beocme the Citizen collection was hopelessly gone in a blink of an eye. Only 10 seconds you needed to total the limited supply of 2,500 NFT pieces. Congrats to all of you!

How to make the most of Become the Citizen Utilities?

To recap the fistful of Become the Citizen utilities, it’s essential to mention that the entire collection is your gateway to the Citizen Conflict Alpha 3.0 — the fast-approaching release of our esports shooter. Why such an adjective? Following up on the tide of tournament season, we introduce another competitive opportunity with a prize pool of up the $3,000, along with revamped gameplay!

Your new hero avatar gets you in!

To reap the most out of the upcoming esports madness, you must deposit your newly claimed NFT on QORPO Market. Since your Become the Citizen NFT also serves as a raffle ticket in the $10,000 Airdrop, it’s never a bad idea to have it deposited.

The Alpha 3.0 tournament starts on the day first!

Unlike the previous tournament, this time, we introduce leaderboards. You earn in-game points from the very first day we unleash Alpha 3.0, and the rewards will be distributed to the highest-ranking players after the month of the fight.

  • Community Wars — The initial leaderboard will feature a competition among individual players, who can amass points in every game. During the entire Alpha 3.0 season, you have the opportunity to enhance your point total and ultimately emerge as the champion at the close of the third Alpha release.
  • Team Wars — A separate leaderboard will cater to team-based competitions. With the latest feature in QORPO ID, you can assemble your crew and collectively accrue points. Nonetheless, you’re not required to participate in every game as a team. The points you earn individually will also contribute to the Team Wars leaderboard. The team’s performance will be gauged based on the total points accumulated by each team member.

Lots of rewards will go your way throughout the Citizen Conflict season. Stay lit and ready!

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