AniMate Islands: Discovering 5 Elements That Forged The World

In AniMate, players will be set to discover a mythical world formed by 5 fundamental elements. Let’s see what matters form the beauty and shape the dangers of the AniMate Islands.

Along with perfecting Citizen Conflict, we jumped to another challenge, an MMO RPG taking place in the fabled AniMate Islands. The game will revolve around building your primary human character and catching little mythical creatures in the open world. AniMate RPG could be explored and conquered in two primary game modes.

Each AniMate masters different abilities and suffers different weaknesses based on the element they arise from. As they evolve, the intensity of their powers increases, most often in the three main stages of AniMate’s evolution. This is how the world of AniMate Islands came to be.

5 Elements Formed The Mythical Islands Of AniMates

From time immemorial, only ‌‌primeval darkness ruled the world. The solemn dance of unbound elements in the clash of contrasts defined the age-old chaos. From the depths of chaos rose the waves. From the dissonance, the flames of fire sparked. And from the fathomless skies above, the ancient deities sent bolts of lightning ravaging the forming earth. And underneath it all, the power of pure thought wields the matters of the psychic.

That icy beak must be cold as… ice?

The Onslaught Of Ocean Waves Devoured The Shores

The first element brings life to all that’s living while sunsetting everything that’s not to conform. The ocean’s deep raged, and the waves of the sea formed into a surge of disastrous waters. The onslaught stroked the shore. There was no point in looking for scraps to salvage. The land drowned. Only the mountain tops peaked tall. And the clouds wreathed the skies as the thunders commenced striking the hills.

Double cuteness for the price of one.

All-Consuming Fires Scorched The Land

The lightning sparked the wildfire. The flames danced in passionate moves, so ephemeral though eternal in their hunger. The heat ate the grass and left the soil withered and scorched. All that had been to be seen succumbed to the everlasting burn. The battle of the infinite contrast of fire and water has begun since only the ocean’s cold embrace could curb the omnipresent flames.

The evolution of the fiery AniMate

The Earth Opened Up As The Fathomless Abyss

The eternal fire kept on tormenting the earth. The ground contorted and cracked under the immense heat. Nothing could satiate the devouring flames. And the earth raged. Just like the hungered carnivore, it tore open its jaws — if you stare into the abyss for too long, the abyss stares back, they say. And the fire element indeed kept on staring.

Shall we call this fellow a bubble neck?

Clouds Swarmed On Dim Skies As Lightning Stroked

The world is divided. The fury of fundamental elements wrought chaos and disorder upon matters. As above, so below, just like a blank canvas, distant firmament mirrored the hell beneath. The clouds swarmed as a flock of crows, and the final storm commenced shedding divine rage. Bolts of lightning rained for days to come. The chaos was complete.

A menace sent from heaven to thunder the earth.

The Mind Over All Shaped The Chaos Into Order

The warfare of four substantial elements lasted for eons. But the wakeful eye of the mind over all stayed open. And it was the will of thought that brought order into the shape of chaos. The final element, the power of psychics, conceived the AniMate Islands as they are today — a vast piece of land, with each forming element taking over a certain part of the Island.

Just look at that tail…

Every AniMate arises from a different element. Based on their elemental origin, AniMates are gifted with different powers and weaknesses. Stay tuned for another chapter in the AniMate history to find out more about the mythical creatures rising from oblivion.



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QORPO Game Studio

QORPO Game Studio is the Next-Gen game developer with end-to-end solutions for blockchain gaming industry.