500-Piece “Become the Citizen” NFT Collection: $1 Drop for Unlimited Esports Madness

Limited Citizen Conflict Hero NFT Avatars Collection on Crypto.com

3 min readMay 28


To celebrate the launch of the $10,000 tournaments in Citizen Conflict, we are excited to elevate your esports experience via another stellar partnership. It’s our pleasure to team up with Crypto.com for an exclusive NFT drop — Become the Citizen. Go get yours on the 31st of May for $1!

Don’t miss the full stack of NFT utilities:

  • Limited collection — 500 pieces only
  • One-of-a-kind Citizen Conflict heroes design
  • Full web3 social media experience
  • Premium utilities for esports & gaming
  • Super high rarity value
500-Piece Limited NFT Collection Become the Citizen of Citizen Conflict Hero Avatars

Limited NFT Collection for Unlimited Esports & Gaming Experience

What can your dollar buy you? A coffee from a vending machine? A postcard? A digital download of your fav song? Forget it!

On the 31st of May, the value of your dollar note will skyrocket with the drop of Become the Citizen NFT collection on Crypto.com. Your brand new Citizen Conflict hero NFT will bring you a wealth of gaming and esports opportunities in the fastest-growing game community on the blockchain.

What can your dollar buy you on Crypto.com?

With only 500 pieces available, Become the Citizen NFT collection is exceptionally rare. 10 distinct heroes with 6 variable accessories coming in 6 vibrant colors will make your social media shine wherever you post.

  • High Rarity Value — Sure, your new hero avatar looks damn cool. On top of that, there’s a pretty good chance that your new NFT will get a really high rarity value.
  • Alpha 2.0 Access — Get early access to the Citizen Conflict Alpha 2.0, and become one of the first citizens to rule the Ether Islands in the current alpha release.
  • Citizen Conflict Esports Pass— Your new NFT Avatar is your access to the esports tournaments with plentiful prize pools in Citizen Conflict.
  • $QORPO Token Airdrop — Our $QORPO Token is about to be listed. To reward our social media citizens, you can look forward to a huge $QORPO Token airdrop chance straight to your wallet.
Limited Become the Citizen NFT collection — Citizen Conflict Hero Avatars
Citizen Conflict Hero PFP NFTs — Become the Citizen Collection

Learn more about the incoming Become the Citizen drop…

What else would you need to spearhead the future of esports? Your free QORPO ID account, of course. So give us a little visit and get it now in a few simple mouse clicks.

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